Risk Analysis, Why shouldn’t you get a tattoo?

I very nice article I found on the risk of Tattos, I got this from my friend’s infamous Islamic Site: Chill Yo Islam Yo.

MV: All I can I say is this, he writes his articles with passion and his main image is for the Islamic Youth. He contradicts his life and devotes his time on his site, so be sure to check it out. And by the way all his articles are like this. With Style Yo!

“Salam Yo, how-stuff-works-tattoo.jpg

Sorry been on the down low like a submarine for the last few weeks. Caught up with the worldly life and busy schedule. Well who cares,I have something to write about.

Let me start with a verse from the Holy Quran

God does not seek to place a burden on you, but that He purify you and perfect His grace upon you, that you may give thanks. (5: 6)

Sorry if your a fan of Miami Ink, but recently a couple of people I know have been questioning me on the issue, why tattoos are not allowed in Islam? The first thing that came to my mind was that ugly tattoo Mike Tyson has on his face. Which looks mad barbaric.

MV: Makes me laugh all the time!

Anyways, From what I’ve come to realized, many of us look at a certain issue through a very narrow lens, by not being open minded and actually doing research we restrict ourselves to a very exclusive and boring understanding about our beautiful Religion. But one thing is for sure, Allah swt ( God Almighty) commands and prohibits out of wisdom and trying to front on that fact would be foolish.

Now let’s take the example of getting a tattoo, when my friend asked me the first thing I told him was I didn’t know because I’m not a scholar. But to keep it real these are things you need to know because this practice is so wide spread and After doing research this is some interesting information I gathered.

  1. Getting a tattoo involves many health risk, If the needle has been used by others infected with certain blood-borne diseases, you may become exposed to the same bacteria and develop conditions like hepatis or HIV. Other possible outcomes include skin infection if the needle has been contaminated with air and localized germs. Alright that’s wack, I can’t believe all these people don’t think about this. They need to start taking some classes on risk analysis and applying it to their everyday decisions.
  2. Since it’s permanent then your stuck with it, you wouldn’t want that would you. Although now with all the modern medical technological development you can have it removed, the process has its own complications. You need to have surgery done, which means more PAIN and more MONEY!” MV: Talk about being stupid!
  3. If your thinking about getting a job and maintaining a standard of professionalism, a lot of employers don’t like tattoos being exposed at the workplace. Especially if your dealing with clients. It’s doesn’t make you look presentable and serves as a distraction.
  4. From an Islamic Perspective, their are a couple of more important points. In the aspect of Fiqh, Getting a tattoo creates a barrier for doing wudu, since the water can’t flow properly you can’t clean yourself and all that bacteria and germs continues to accumulate in your skin. Drilling a needle into your skin and watching yourself bleed to express your views and displaying art is not worth the time, money and pain. Go make a myspace or facebook profile it’s a lot easier to create and edit.
  5. You are messing with the creation of God, Natural beauty is the best. All this is putting on a front, just keep it real with yourself and people will understand you alot better.

Since our religion is based on proof from the Holy Quran and the life of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), I wanted to wrap it all up with this last hadith ” ‘The Prophet forbade the profession of tattooing and getting tattooed. (Translation of Sahih Bukhari, Sales and Trade, Volume 3, Book 34, Number 299)”

MV: After all of this I have come to a conclusion even if Islam allowed Tattos, I don’t think I would ever want to get one, EVER.

MV: Once again thanks, Chill Yo Islam Yo, for this interest article, this proofs everything in the Quran has a reason towards the obligations.

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