Be Cool, Without a GF

Note: This post was written a while ago from a friend and not me (Saad). Back then we were just kids, however, this post will always remain on the site as remembrance and of its productiveness and good advice from that brother 🙂

MV: Yeah well this was my first article its not my best,  please comment i need criticism.

aoa brothers….this article is for you

OK well everyone has non-muslim friends…its not bad if you do…. but be sure to have the right kind of non-Muslim friends. you probably noticed  that there is always that one kid who bags on you for not  having girlfriend or asking a girl out. its okay,  just say NO!!!!. ….Nah it doesn’t w0rk that easily. You gotta try to just ignore it. just move that kid to the side and tell him you can’t because “its not permitted with my religon….and my religion is my life so nah yo i cant,  I love islam more then a girl. and besides im going to forget about her when im like 20 and i have a job”, trust me it worked.  I told my non muslim friend who wouldnt stop forcing me to ask some girl out….i did what i just told you guys to do and he understood.
ps. this might risk your friendship but its for the better cause

I’ll be writing better articles in the future so bare with me, i’ll be out peace.  Allah Hafiz

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