Making the most of your Blackberry and Iphone, the halal way.

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This information is useful for Blackberry users.


With all the blackberry talk going on involving President Obama, I’d figured let me talk about my blackberry 8310. It’s amazing how knowledge is so accessible these day’s and yet ignorance is still widespread.

I mean look all the apps you can download,  the fact that I can go any website and instantly educate myself about any subject or matter.

If you have a blackberry, I would recommend the sites below to get the following apps.

If you go to, you can download the following apps

If you have an Iphone, check this out.


Click here to download this app created by zoosware

here are some more screenshots,

Yea so mashallah, much props to the developers who spend their time and resources in making this possible. I feel that the more we advance technologically, it will be easier to get access to knowledge that’s beneficial.

Therefore no more excuses, from the azan software to the quran app, it’s all in your hands.  If you have any more recommendations relating to this post, then drop a line.

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