‘Halal’ Gyro Meat: Shockingly Unhealthy and Some Even Contains Pork!

MV: This came to me like a big suprise and broke my heart :(. Most of us here in New York know of the famous 53rd and 6th street gyro place, but those people do seem trustworthy, althrough it does not hurt asking.

A recent British study found that doner kabab meat (which we in New York refer to as Lamb/Beef Gyro) from London, England contained un unbelivably high amount of calories , salt, fat &  saturated fat: [Source: The Daily Mail Online]

And these statistics do NOT include any white sauce or hot sauce added. (White Sauce contains mostly mayonaise)!  So basically an average gyro meal contains almost an entire day’s worth of salt, fat, and calories (some gyro meals contained 1,990 calories, nearly a woman’s recommended daily intake, 70g of saturated fat, which is three and half times the women’s daily guideline amount, and 16.5g of salt!) [Source:  The Guardian]

What is even more shocking is that this ‘halal meat’ actually contained traces of pork, and over 1/3 of the samples contained other traces of meats.

“80 per cent of fast food shops buy [the gyro meat] in frozen from a factory. You don’t know when they’ve made it, six months or a year ago, and you don’t know which meat they use.” [Source: Haringer Independent]

Again, just to clarify – these statistics refer only to the gyro meat from a specific borough of London. Most of us here in New York are accustomed to the famous chicken/gyro guy at 53rd and 6th in the city, as well as more recent Gyro Stands all over the Tri State Area. The vendors who sell the halal gyro meat here seem reputable & trustworthy – however it would be interesting to see the results of a similar study of the new york gyro meat. While I pray to God that it doesnt contain any pork, I am pretty sure the nutrititional content of the meat wont be much better than those in this study :-/.

3 thoughts on “‘Halal’ Gyro Meat: Shockingly Unhealthy and Some Even Contains Pork!

  1. I never liked Gyro, but when I went to Turkey, I had to try it. It’s got a different taste over there, it’s really good, but I am sure that it’s just as unhealthy.

  2. Friends… Proper gyro IS ALL PORK. Fillet of pork stacked upon eachother. that crap you are getting in New York is fake, no real Greek eats that garbage. Its a nasty blend of lamb, beef and pork. Beef has NO BUSINESS in a gyro. Plus they add ALOT of salt and other fake spices which the proper pork fillet gyro will not have.

    For my muslim friends, if you only want lamb, get kebab – which should be like a souvlaki – chunks of meat – not gound patties (they can put anything in if its ground) that is lamb only and is grilled on charcoal, not cooked on a gyro. Of course this will be almost twice the price, but worth it.

    And remember, dont confure Greek food with the crap they serve to people that dont know outside of Greece!


  3. Gyros maybe pork but schwarma is halal no pork. Beef and lamb. And the author said the white sauce is mostly mayonaise? Where did you get that from a bathroom wall stall? Tzatziki sauce is plain greek yogurt with onion and cucumber and dill weed. Depending on the spices used and the leaness of the meat you use to make the loaf it can be very healthy. The worst article I have ever read on food. If I could have voted zero I would have the entire thing was misinformed.

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