Pigs are Fat

MV: A friend sent me this article written by some Islamic Doctor. What he tells is really interesting and leaves me thinking, why would anyone ever even want to eat pig in the first place, knowing how much fat is occupied in it. The article mostly goes through about how the fat of pig was traveled to history so its pretty interesting.

Thanks for Monis, for providing me with this article
All information can be confirmed from http://www.food-info.net/uk/e/e631.htm

PIG FAT by Dr. M. Amjad Khan

In nearly all the western countries including Europe, the PRIMARY
choice for meat is PIG. There are a lot of farms in these countries to A
breed this animal. In France alone, Pig Farms account for more than

PIGS have the highest quantity of FAT in their body than any other
animal. But Europeans and Americans try to avoid fats.

Thus, where does the FAT from these PIGS go? All pigs are cut
in slaughter houses under the control of the department of food and it
was the headache of the department of food to dispose of the fat
removed from these pigs.

Formally, it was burnt (about 60 years ago). Then they thought of
utilizing it. First, they experimented it in the making of SOAPS and
it worked.

Then, a full network was formed and this FAT was chemically Processed,
Packed and Marketed, while the other manufacturing companies bought
it. In the meantime, all European States made it a rule that every
Food, Medical and Personal Hygiene product should have the ingredients
listed on its cover. so, this ingredient was listed as PIG FAT.

Those who are living in Europe for the past 40 years know about this.
But, these products came under a ban by the ISLAMIC COUNTRIES at that
time, which resulted in a trade deficit.

Going back in time, if you are somehow related to South East Asia, you
might know about the provoking factors of the 1857 CIVIL WAR. At that
time, Rifle Bullets were made in Europe and transported to the
sub-continent through the Sea. It took months to reach there and the
gun powder in it was ruined due to the exposure to sea.

Then, they got the idea of coating the Bullets with fat, which was PIG
FAT. The fat layer had to be scratched by teeth before using them.
When the word spread, the soldiers, mostly Muslim and some
Vegetarians, refused to fight. Which eventually lead to the Civil War.
The Europeans recognized these facts, and instead of writing PIG FAT,
they started writing ANIMAL FAT. All those living in Europe since
1970’s know this fact. When the companies were asked by authorities
from the MUSLIM COUNTRIES, what animal fat is it, they were told it
was COW and SHEEP Fat. Here again a question raised, if it was COW or
SHEEP Fat, still it is HARAAM to MUSLIMS, as these animal were not
SLAUGHTERED as per the ISLAMIC LAW. Thus, they were again banned.
Now, these multinational companies were again facing a severe drought
of money as 75% of their income comes from selling their goods to
Muslim Countries, and these earn BILLIONS OF DOLLARS of Profit from
their exports to the MUSLIM WORLD.

Finally they decided to start a coding language, so that only their
Departments of Food Administration should know what they are using,
and the common man is left lurking in the dark. Thus, they started
E-CODES. These E- INGREDIENTS are present in a majority of products of
multinational firms including, but not limited to –


Some medication Multi-vitamins Since these goods are being used in all
MUSLIM Countries indiscrimately, our society is facing problems like
shamelessness, rudeness and sexual promiscuity.

So, I request all MUSLIMS or non pork eaters to check the ingredients
of the ITEMS of daily use and match it with the following list of
E-CODES. If any of the ingredients listed below is found, try to avoid
it, as it has got PIG FAT ;

E100, E110, E120, E 140, E141, E153, E210, E213, E214, E216, E234,
E252,E270, E280, E325, E326, E327, E334, E335, E336, E337, E422, E430,
E431, E432, E433, E434, E435, E436, E440, E470, E471, E472, E473,
E474, E475,E476, E477, E478, E481, E482, E483, E491, E492, E493, E494,
E495, E542,E570, E572, E631, E635, E904.

Dr. M. Amjad Khan
Medical Research Institute
United States

Dr M Liaqat (PhD Food Biochemistry)

One thought on “Pigs are Fat

  1. Phew!…Forwarded mails I tell you haan…Problems of Muslims- well we never bother to look up the answers OURSELVES…Result: Paralysis…we bound ourselves to trust and believe whatever comes our way…” phew!, qismat ka likha tha je”…

    The Pepsi Cola International says in its media report: We assure our consumers and customers that Lays Snacks Pakistan uses only 100% Halal ingredients in all its food products. Pakistan Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (PCSIR), an established government body, has verified that Lays is free of all animal meat fat (i.e. it only contains vegetable fats). Jamia Ashrafia of Pakistan has also declared Lays as 100% Halal. E631 is also certified by the raw material supplier, as well as the Central Islamic Committee of Thailand, as Halal (and the latter has also specifically endorsed the use of the legend “Halal” for such flavor).

    What is the ingredient E631 for?
    It is a flavor enhancer called E631 use in the masala flavor that is imported from Thailand. E631 is produced from tapioca starch which is extracted from a plant. Thus it is free of all animal fat. E631 is certified by the supplier, as well as the Central Islamic Committee of Thailand, to be Halal

    I won’t comment any further on the ingredient debate going on. All of you can very well follow the proofs, certificates and documents presented and further evaluate. Let me be more direct to a layman in his/her understanding of the issue.

    Media, both new and traditional have been emphasizing on just one report by some Muslim doctor in the West. I question the authenticity of the report. Does one report by some anonymous individual has more weightage than several proof certificates of registration, verification by the Pepsi-Cola International Pakistan (Private) Limited?
    Is the stated research and the arguments presented in its favour based on truth or is it mere propaganda?

    How true is this halal haram debate? Is the debater aware of the encoding process and the nature of ingredients? And if yes, can he/she actually prove and counter-attack the several reports presented to prove the ‘guilt-free’ ingredient?

    Please try to be reasonable. The proofs provided above are indeed an eye-opener. I, as a general audience can very well understand and reason with the above documents. In these times of virtual world mistrust and too much of unauthentic sources to cite from, such a clear, open and direct initiative to prove otherwise is indeed incredible.

    I expect the respected members of this forum to come forward and exhibit their logical and practical thinking. I would .on my part like to shed light on the economic consequences of this false propaganda circulating about the Lays chips and its ingredients all around.

    Pepsi Cola international says in its media statement: Lays Snacks are sold in many other Muslim countries including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE and Malaysia. In Pakistan, we employ over 1000 people in the fields of agriculture, production and distribution and are contributing to various social causes like education and health.

    Let’s speak about Pakistan first. 1000 employees mean 1000 families. If this baseless debate keeps on circulating will not the future of these 1000 families be at stake? Of course labour makes the most important part of any organization and it is the labour who suffers in the end if and when work stops. Can a developing country like ours, already at the verge of bankruptcy with weak economic indicators afford such a mass level of unemployment?

    And to speak of the Muslim world, where Lays chips is the number one brand with a huge distribution and consumption and a large work force in different capacities, will not such rumours bring down the already withering state of economy?

    And on what cost? Rumours, falsehood and unauthentic sources.



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