A voice from a Muslim


First Update: If case if anyone has not noticed yet, if you look to the right—->

This means that I will add a new verse from the Quran almost everyday, same as the posts. When ever I post something new, I will also try to remember to post a new verse, Inshallah.

Second Update: My site is going very well Mashallah, but I NEED people to comment more. I need to know if the people visiting my site are either just people who happen to arrive here or if they are real Muslims who actually take there time to read my posts. Such as yesterday, I had 6 spam comments, which made me lose a little confidence. So it really means a lot to me if you guys take your time to comment, Jazakullah.

Third Update: Me and my fellow workers on The Muslim Voice (eventhrough I post almost everything!) are planning to do a podcast called the MPVP (The Muslimpedia Voice Podcast.) in which we will discuss the news that we post on the site. The podcast will be of high quility and will be of all of your interest Inshallah. But the only reason to do the podcast is if we know for sure there is activity on the site, so I made up the decision that the day we hit either 1000 views (all togehter, not in one day!) or the day we hit 100 visitor in 1 day, we will Inshallah start the Podcast, so if your interested in working on it, contact us on the contact page and if your excited then spread the message to visit our site themuslimvoice.co.cc

Fourth Update: I need more people to work on the site! If you interested contact me on the contact page, with your Name, Email and age.

On lastly, before this makes it to my biggest post. If you haven’t noticed, this website is actually a blog for another website I worked on, Muslimpedia. My goal was to make muslimpedia a database of Islamic websites. I made this blog to help keep it active, but it turns out that I am having more fun on working on this site then that. So I might end up stop working on that site, but in the mean time you can check out the site on the side —>.

I will also right new messages from me on the side for updates.

Jazakullah if you took your time reading this. Now I just need comments!

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