About Sunnah

MV: The word Sunnah means a system, a path or an example. In Islam it refers to the practisce of the Prophet (PBUH), his life example. It is embodied in the Ahadith (plural of hadith) which are the Prophet’s sayings, actions and the actions done with his approval. Ahadith have been very carefully collected and compiled since the death of the prophet (PBUH). Six collections of Hadith are regarded as the most authentic. They are:

1. Sahih al Bukhari ( Collected and compiled by Mahammad bin Ismailas Imam Bukhari, born 194AH died 256 AH/ 870 CE)

2. Sahih Muslim ( Muslim bin al Hajjaj, known as Imam Muslim, born 202 AH died 261 AH/ 875 CE)

3. Sunan Abu Dawud ( Sulaiman bin Ashath, known as Aby Dawud, born 202 AH died 275 AH/ 888 CE)

4. Sunan Ibn Majah ( Abu Abdullah muhammad bin Yazid al-Qazwini, known as Ibn Mjah, born 209 AH died 273 AH/ 886 CE)

5.Jami at Timidhi ( Abu Isa Muhammad bin Isa at Tirmidhi, date of birth not recorded, died 279 Ah/ 892 CE)

6. Sunan an Nasai         ( Abu Abdur Rahman Ahmad bin Ahuaib an nasai, born215 AH died 303 AH/915 CE)

In addition to this the muwatta of Imam alik (born 93 Ah, died 179 AH), Munsad of Ahmad bin Habal (born 164 AH, died241 AH/ 855 CE), and Mhiskat al-Masabih of Abu muhammad al hussain bin Masud (died 516 AH)are also well known. There are many more collectionsand commentaries. I got this from Islam belifs and teachings books by Ghulam Sarwar.

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