Duties of Woman In Islam

MV: Islam is a fair and balanced system of life. While it specifies the rights of women it also lays down duties. A Muslim woman is expected to observe the following:

1. Belief in Tawhid and the practice of Islam should be her foremost duty. A Muslim woman must preform Salah, observe Sawm, pay Zakah on her own wealth (if it is applicable) and go to Hajj if she can afford it. She exempted from Salah and can defer Sawm during her monthly period, but she must make up the days afterwords. Friday prayer (Salatul Jum’ah) is optional for women.

2. She is required to maintain her chastity at all times. She must not have any extramarital relationship. The same is the case with men.

3. It is her duty to bring up children according to the rules of Islam.  She has to look look after her family and has almost absolute control over domestic affairs, although the run family is run by mutual consultation and cooperation.  She is the queen of the family and is the manger of household affairs.

4. She should dress modestly and should put on hijab ( covering cloak) while going out and meeting adult males beyond her close relatives (33:59, 24:30-31). She should not dress a man.

5. She is her husband’s helpmate. A faithful wife is like a garment,  a source of peace, love, happiness and contentment for her husband (30:21, 2: 187)

6. If she is asked to go against the commands of Allah , she must defy even her husband, father, or brother (9:23)

7. She is expected to look after her husbands property and belongings in his absence.

Islam considers a husband and a wife as complementary to one another.  Neither they form a peaceful and happy family which si at the core of a sound, stable, and peaceful society.

I got this article from a book called  Islam beliefs and teachings by Ghulam Sarwar.

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