Equality Between Men and Women in Islam

MV: Men and women are not exactly equal in Islam. They have different physical and biological features. Islam recognizes the leadership of a man over a woman (4:34, 2:288) but that does not mean domination

An average man is usually stronger, heavier and taller than an average woman. Women can become pregnant  and bear children but men cannot. Women tend to be sensitive. emotional and tender wile man are comparatively less emotional. Allah has given qualities to a man and a woman, and in marriage they are expected to love, support, and help one another to build a happy family.

Throughout history, men and women have never been treated the same. Islam has given women the right position and has not attempted to violate divine laws. Other religions and man made systems have failed to define the exact and appropriate role of women. in the west, women have been reduced to a plaything of enjoyment and fancy. Women have tended to degrade themselves probably unwittingly in modern times for the sake of real or imaginary equality have virtually reduced shows how women continue t be exploited for commercial purposes. The display of scantily-clothing and even naked women to exploit male desires has became the hallmark of western materialism. They have neither gained the liberty nor achieved full equality; rather they have lost their natural place at home.

The natural balance, fairness, and mutuality have been disturbed. The outcome has been horrendous for social peace and stability. the natural peace at home cannot be restored unless the exploitation of women stops.

I got this from a book called Islam Beliefs and teachings that you can buy here

2 thoughts on “Equality Between Men and Women in Islam

  1. Jazakallah khair, I agree very much.
    Many people think that if women aren’t equal to men, then they have no rights at all. That is very untrue because women ARE equal to men, just in different ways. Men and women make up each other. If one is missing something, the other fills it up.

  2. Yes i agree with you that men and woman are considered equal in Islam and they have differences that they work together on to raise a family. Also is that they are not equal in physical and biological features (so yes your right again that they are equal in different ways), and the man is supposed to be the leadership role in the family but he can not command his wife and take control of everything

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