Most Muslim Populated Countries in the World

MV: I thank for this information. This is a post to show you that there are lots of Muslims in many countries. Because of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) there are now 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. Here are the statistic of the most Muslim populated countries in the world:

Country Muslim Population
1 Indonesia 182,570,000
2 Pakistan 134,480,000
3 India 121,000,000
4 Bangladesh 114,080,000
5 Turkey 65,510,000
6 Iran 62,430,000
7 Egypt 58,630,000
8 Nigeria 53,000,000
9 Algeria 30,530,000
10 Morocco 28,780,000
Source: CIA World Factbook

map of largest muslim populations in the world

8 thoughts on “Most Muslim Populated Countries in the World

  1. Bi ismi Llahi Rahmane Rahim.
    This is large progress. I think world will never be setback due to American invasions.
    The 1.5 billion of we, we are still not so many that much that we could not know and understand one another.We can get together at trades and collectively in Shura.
    I hope by next 15 years our Muslim societies will be 10 folds more. As we like to rescue more people from Jahannam.So ,I call all people join our Islam and be free with your soul.

  2. MASHAALAH ….. but Iran is not a muslim country it should be removed from the list. it’s all of the believes against Islam….

  3. now the world Muslim population is around 2.1 billion. Pakistan is around 184.8 million Bangladesh is around 164.4 million Indonesia is around 238.2 million

  4. Thank you Chakar Khan for commenting. As you can see this post dates back to 2009 and i believe the information of this is a few years older then that as well. I remember the population of this world being 6 billion a few years back and now its 7 billion. So our population is growing excessively and the information in this post was right at a certain time, but since population is always changing you have to look for the latest study. Thank you for pointing out this info is out of date. It will be updated shortly


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