Lessons of Salah

MV: Salah is the Islamic name for prayer (but has a deeper meaning).It is one of the 5 pillars of Islam. It was given to the Prophet  Muhammad (PBUH) in the Miraj (when Muhammad saw Allah and many of his prophets in his journey to heaven). The article is very helpful to you and you should know what you get out of and why you pray Salah. I got this article from the book Islam beliefs and teachings by Ghulam Sarwar.

Salah is the most important of the five basic duties of Islam after Shahadah. We come closer to Allah by performing it correctly, regularly and with full awareness of its significance and meaning. At this stage  refresh your memory about all the purpose of our creation and the need for preforming Islamic duties.  Allah has created us to worship him. He says in the Quran ” Indeed I created Jinn and human beings for no other purpose but to worship Me.” (Suratudh Dhariyat 51:56) So, whatever duty we carry out, we must bear in mind that we are doing it for the sake of Allah. Only then can we expect to gain the desired benefits of the performance of Salah.

The lessons of Salah are:

  1. It brings men and women closer to Allah
  2. It keeps human beings away form indecent, shameful and forbidden activities. (Saratul ankabut (29:45)
  3. It is a training program designed to control evil desires and passions.
  4. It purifies the heart, develops the mind and comforts the soul
  5. It is a constant reminder of Allah and His greatness.
  6. It develops discipline and willpower
  7. It is a guide to the most upright way of life
  8. It is a proof of  true equality, solid unity, and universal brotherhood
  9. It is the source of patience, courage, hope, and confidence
  10. It is a means of cleanliness, purity, and punctuality
  11. It develops gratitude, humility, and refinement
  12. It is the demonstration of our obedience to our creator
  13. it is a program which prepares us to mach our actions with our words
  14. It is the solid program of preparing oneself for jihad- striving one’s utmost to please Allah

If our salah does not improve our conduct we must think seriously about where we are going wrong?

from lostorigins.com
from lostorigins.com

The pictures show a group of people praying salah in a musjid (mosque)  Inshallah they prayed with faith and got numerous benefits for worshiping  Allah.

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