Women in Islam: Dress Code and Conducts

MV: This is a very interesting article I found which honestly surprised me. Who are these people?





kayahladies1“See all these above photos and guess what? Are they Muslim women? None of them are Muslims. The top photos are of the Orthodox Christian Nuns.

The last two photos are the women of Palaung ,Kayar tribes of Myanmar. They are not Muslims too.

The unique thing about all these photos  is that all of them covered their body parts properly.

Covering their body parts is the Universal Norm for all the civilized women of all faiths since ancient time.

With the secularization of politics and western materialists’ value started infiltrating to the all civilized societies of this earth, people are being told that removing your clothes is OK. Even they are told by the materialists that(revealing body parts) is a person’s right. More and more women are removing their coverings and became more and more revealing their beautiful body parts everyday, believing that they are more advance people than those who decide to protect their body parts. [Read More]


3 thoughts on “Women in Islam: Dress Code and Conducts

  1. Asslamualaikum,

    Thank you for your kind comment, and it is indeed an honor for reproduce my post.

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