The Muslim Voice Podcast-Pilot Episode (Update)

MV: I am glad to announce that we have finally finished the first episode, which actually is the pilot episode of The Muslim Voice Podcast, entitled The MVP.

Below you will find the show notes the link to download the show, it is very interesting so be sure to listen.

All episodes will also be available to download on the tab, The Muslim Voice Podcast.

[NOTE] Since our web space is hosted by a free server its different then most download servers. When clicking on download find the spot on the left that reads, Click here to download, to download.

Update: You can now also listen to the show, (see below)

Pilot-Episode-(Basically episode 1)-March 29, 2009.

  • We discuss the purpose and the details of the show before we begin.
  • Our First Segment is the Top 5 posts that we think is needed to discuss about or debate.
  • Islam Today in Media-Obama Quotes Hadiths *Clip* (Our thoughts, what is means?, How they react?)
  • Islamic Study-Where Shaitan Attacks You (Examples from each of the acts, Comments from Clearly and Saad’s Mistake and what it taught us.)
  • Islamic Expansion-Musjid al Haraam (How it will effect Muslims, A good idea or not?, What else we would like to see, When it will be done?)
  • Halal/Haraam- Birthdays Haraam or not? (Our taught, debate, what should be do, how should it be celebrated if permissible?)
  • Islamic Future-Theory of Dijaal (What are facts, what are guesses?, How can this be proven right or wrong?, What would bush think of it?)
  • We discuss our future segments, Islamic Debate, A talk with a Non-Muslim and Surah Analysis, send us your ideas for more segments.
  • Ending credits and Contact information
  • Bloopers

Download Now or Listen Now

Run time: 48:58, 38.39 MB

Left click, on left-Click here to download to save on your computer.


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