Islam in the NYPD With Imam Khalid Latif

MV: This was found by none other then my friend at Chill Yo Islam Yo, bellow the article is a video which is a must watch!


Mashallah! May Allah swt reward Imam Khalid Khatif and all the Muslim officers, Ameen.

I like when the NYPD official said in the video how when you need a cop to help you, you don’t ask him what religion he is. It all comes down to serving your country and being a productive member of society. Imam Khalid Latif is an Imam (Muslim leader) for the NYPD. He is the youngest police chaplain in the history of the NYPD, and the only Muslim leader on the entire state force.

So everyone who has built a hate for Muslims and Islam in their heart, now you should take it easy because the next time you need help, it may be Imam Khalid Latif or another Muslim officer. This of course applies to Muslims who call non Muslim cops for help also.

Interested in working for the NYC Police Department? Click here for recruitment information.”

The Video is great Mashallah.

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