Another Voice from a Muslim

MV: Aselamulakum,

Because of updates and announcements to be made,

First Update: Mashallah our site is growing with, 8 contributors in a total, a total of 107 posts as of now and almost 6,000  in views total. Praise Allah.

Second Update: As most of you already know we released our first episode of our podcast last mouth and also for some people’s convenience I have now also added a option to listen to the show instead of downloading (Left sidebar)! And also we have recorded some of The Muslim Voice podcast episode 2! Be on the look out for that soon, Inshallah!

Third Update: We now have our own youtube page! On the youtube page we post videos that are on the site (or favorite them) and we also get videos that are in the Islamic interest. Remember to Subscribe! (It will also be on the right sidebar under, Be part of the voice.


Last Update: Not much big but you can now subscribe to our blog easier, on the bottom left siderbar you click subscribe and then choose your choice. You can also now subscribe to our Podcast, click on the Podcast page above and then click on the subscribe picture. Jazakullah.

Again Jazakullah for reading my voice updates and be on the look out for the first episode of The Muslim Voice Podcast Episode 1(the pilot was before the first).

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