Death in Islam

MV: Death is a very important part in Islam and it is useful to know about what Islam says about it. As you should know, Islam is the complete way of life and death is the absence of life so it informs you on it as well.

Death is a natural event for all living things.It comes to every one of us, we will all die. The Quran says:

“Everyone shall taste death.” (3:185; 21:35; 29:57)

Death brings an end to our temporary life on this Earth. It is an occasion of sorrow and grief  for the loved ones of the deceased. In Islam, people mourn for the dead person by reciting the Quran and saying prayers (duwa).

Islam asks us to keep in mind that death can arrive at any time. Only Allah knows when His servants will die. Death puts an end to our human body but does not destroy our soul  (Ruh).

The soul is taken away by the angel Malakul Mawt (‘Izra’il or Azrail) to Allah (32:11).

A person is sure to behave well and follow Allah’s commands if he remains conscious of death and the life after death.

In Islam, a dead body is ritually washed before it is buried. It is then covered with white sheets and fragrance is spread all over it. A funeral prayer is conducted before the burial. This prayer is called Salatul Janazah.

Thanks to the book: Islam Beliefs and Teachings By Ghulam Sarwar

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