Freedom Will Come – Zain Bhikha

MV: Asselamulakum, The usual site owner usually does not post bias videos or articles, but since I am not the site owner (The MV) heres a nice video by Zain Bhikha (Islamic Singer). “Zain Bhikha joined with friends Abdul Malik, Khalil Ismail L Debois and Mellow Mark to create a song for the struggles in Palestine.”

Rap: Abdul Malik
I’ve been to the holy land,
A place cherished by children of Abraham
But this bloodshed and carnage, don’t understand
Son raise your head, find the star in the night sky
Freedom will come Palestine, we hear it worldwide,

Verse 1:
I see you creeping, over the border
so eager to take a life
guns a blazing, you bring the horror
tell me how you sleep at night
children screamin, no tomorrow
thats how they’ve lived their lives
hope’s still burning, freedom will come
everything’s gonna be alright

no matter how you try
you’ll never kill the hope burning bright deep inside
you may take their lives
but you’ll never kill the voice rising up
freedom will come, Palestine

Verse 2:
As a father buries his child,
You say she deserved to die
But aint nobody buying your lies
How can you say its right
Demolition of homes and minds
In the eyes of a world gone blind
The revolution aint televised
In the streets, from the blood and dust, you will hear their cry


Rap Khalil
Livin conditions vicious
electricity missin
Villages pillaged
mothers and children innocent victims
indigenous however treated as if
they were the foreigner and criminal for showing resistance
by an occupant position
inhibited transmission from humanitarians
this is
just the beginning of these horrific incidents
innocents disregarded so bombs drop, kill, and injure
tell me
how hypocritical is it
to receive reparations for the crimes committed
against you
only to turn around and do
the same type of atrocities done to you
face the truth
justice will win through
and we all
will answer for what we do
know oppression never lasts
stand firm hold fast
to your faith
let us pray palestine
will find
freeer days

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