Ilm Summit 2009

MV: As a request from a fellow Muslims, I am posting for supporting a cause and a convention in Texas. The convention it self is actually really exiting and interesting and is like the ICNA convention as it also talks about issues about Islam from Islamic scholars. But not everyone can go and its mostly for low budget students. Here are the details:

The idea is simple.
We want to reward our 100 best students (yes, that’s exactly one hundred)
, by giving them the opportunity to study with all of the Instructors, and many more guest speakers, for a period of two weeks, in intense morning-to-evening sessions, covering all the basic sciences of Islam, and then some.

Sh. Yaser Birjas and myself will be resident (on-site) for the entire two weeks. The other Instructors will come for stints, and other guest speakers will come as well.

We will cover: tajweed, tafseer, Uloom al-Quran, Mustalah al-Hadeeth, Hadeeth, Fiqh, Usool al-Fiqh, Qawaid, History, Dawah, and perhaps some aspects of Arabic language. Additionaly, we will invite speakers in other specialities (not necessarily ‘Islamic’) that are essential for us as Western Muslims to be familiar with. Tentatively, we might include workshops on khutbah/speech techniques, managing Islamic Centers, organzing conferences, and other practical information that we would expect these participants to find useful in their dawah.

Each of the ‘classical’ sciences will obviously not be covered in its entirety (except for tajweed). Rather, in each field, we will choose a sub-section and cover it to a level that our experienced and mature students deserve. Thus, for example, in fiqh, we shall cover all of the chapters of taharah up to shurut al-salat, in all four madhabs, from a standard matn in each madhab, then we will go back and do fiqh al-muqaran of those same issues. In Uloom al-Quran, we will cover in detail the compilation of the Quran between Muslim scholarship and Orientalist views. In history we will cover the rise and fall of Muslim Spain and the lessons learned from that experience. And so forth…
For Tajweed, if there is an interest, we might offer ‘ijaazahs’ in the Quran for those who are qualified (i.e., huffadh). For others, we will teach one-on-one to the greatest extent possible.
The program will be open for brothers and sisters (sorry, no babysitting facilities available!) who have taken AlMaghrib classes, and who will be committed to two solid weeks of learning.

Although all AlMaghrib students can apply, we will NOT accept students on a first-come-first-serve basis. Rather, there will be an application process and all students will be screened exhaustively, and ONLY the best students will be chosen.

Criterion that will decide who gets chosen are:
1) Number of AlMaghrib seminars attended, with exam, and high pass
2) Amount of Quran memorized
3) Level of activism in the community

Students from all over North America are welcome to apply, and our goal is to accept students from ALL Qabeelahs.
Cost and location of the program is still being formulated, but will cover everything, from room/board, to transportation from/to airport, etc. All that will be required in addition to this will be the plane ticket to the city of the program (to be decided very soon insha Allah).
The date has been scheduled for the 1st to the 18th of August.
All students are expected to arrive by Friday the 1st of Auguest, and leave Monday the 18th of August.
There will be exams and projects for these students as well, and MAJOR prizes will be given out to the top students.
Oh, and those who get chosen first time round and pass the exams will automatically get chosen next year as well.
Yes, you heard me right, this is an annual event.

If you are interested, here is the official site:

Also a fellow Muslims is in great needs for donations to go the event because of financial problems. If you are interested in donating, click here.
May Allah help give support to people in need. Ameen.

Watch bellow for a video also about the event.
I will also be adding an advertisement on the sidebar.

2 thoughts on “Ilm Summit 2009

  1. Jazakumullah Khayran fith dunya wal aakhirah brother. I am more than elated to see such an immediate response masha Allah. May Allah reward you with His abundant mercy and blessings.

    wa Salam,

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