Our New Partner Site-Halal My Life


From the creator of The Muslim Voice…….

I present to you a new project, Halal My Life!

So what is Halal My Life (HML)? Well those of you familiar of the site Fmylife.com (ASTAGHFIRALLAH!) will know that, that site is about people submitting to the site about how something horrible happened to their life and how miserable it is. Similarly there is also a new site called givesmehope.com (GMH) which is the whole opposite of the site. (Not to mention a http://mylifeisdesi.com/!) Now if you look at title of the site ^Halal My Life-you can tell what this site is going to be about! In case if you still have not guessed, this site will promote how you choose Islam over something haraam. Remember anyone can submit and you can also submit anonymously. So go on ahead and submit how you overcame Shaitan!

Another great way of expressing your Muslim Voice. So the new project site is especially since it can encourage others to overcome the evils of Shaitan, Inshallah…..

Click the icon bellow to visit my new site:



They will also be a link on the sidebar in the future, Inshallah.

7 thoughts on “Our New Partner Site-Halal My Life

  1. Assalamallaaikum,

    MashAllah you are doing a great job and your blog is awesome. Your posts are really good and are related to the latest issues present in the society or simple things that we simply overlook. I really like your posts about Quran explaining Science.

    I think you should also post about new ideas presented by other Muslim kids or if they come up with something useful for the society.

    You are an inspiration for others There is a 9 year old Muslim Author, she wrote a series “Things Every Kid Should Know” about Smoking, Drugs and Alcohol. I have her series,if you can give me your mailing address I would like to send you a reading copy of that series.

    She is with a cause of bringing awareness in kids about this stuff. Your blog must have a post on this topic as well and not to forget my suggestion of joining hands or at least talking about such innovative Muslim kids at least once in a month to show the world what Muslim kids can do and bring them in the lime light, inshAllah.

    Keep up the good work.


  2. Jazakullah for the nice comment. In this blog their is also a post about Smoking in Islam. The reason you don’t see any posts on my site only referring to kids is because, The Muslim Voice is not just implied for kids or adults but everyone of all ages, race and even other religion. All through my posts is implied to everyone, that idea would not be such a bad one considering that I am young myself. So Jazakullah again for the comment and the suggestion, and remember to submit HML on the new site.

    P.S. My sites email is on the right siderbar and my own email is on the contact us page.

  3. Walaikum Asalam, Jazakullah khair that really was a nice comment. May Allah bless you with a happy life and after life, Inshallah. Long live Islam.

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