Michael Jackson, did he die as a Muslim?

:Update: Yusuf Islam on Micheal Jackson.

MV: As a memory of Micheal Jackson, who people say died as a Muslim. This was his greatest song ever……

Edit: The song was sang by the nasheed artist, Zain Bhikha and not by Micheal Jackson. I apologize for the confusion.

Did he die as a Muslim?

Michael Jackson converted to Islam and took name “Mikail” according to to the Sun News and Newspaper he is now a Muslim and has Islamic dress. He was influenced by ex-christian Cat Stevens – now know as Yusuf Islam.

Yusuf Islam on Micheal Jackson:

“It’s always inevitable, but a shock when death comes. With Michael, it seems to me even more shocking, and I feel very sad. He seemed to have the heart of a child, though he was a giant of a musician. The moment I heard he had been taken to hospital, the worst was anticipated. I hope he finally worked out his purpose in life, before he left it. I just discovered his middle name was Joseph. He’ll be missed.”


Inna lillahi wa inna ilahi rajioon. May Allah bless him with happiness and forgive his sins in the after life. Ameen.

15 thoughts on “Michael Jackson, did he die as a Muslim?

  1. Salam,Give Thanks To Allah is a song by Zain Bhikha a brother from South Africa.

    Many muslims are confused and think this song is sang by Michael Jackson.

    Brother Zain Bhikha has a Similar voice.

  2. I was SHOCKED when I heard about Michael Jackson death yesterday! I believe he was a kind and gentle man who was miss represented and was taken advantage off because of his fame and fortune. I do believe his father is to blame. Do to his greed for cash, he pushed his kids especially Michael to perform. He defiantly missed his childhood! I hope where ever he is, he is the child he always wanted to be! RIP my friend!

  3. oh god im sorry abaut micheal jackson but this song not micheal it’s for zain

  4. im a bit confussed beacause this song sounds like zain not micheal jackson anyway i say tats so about tat he dies but i dot no if he dies after he was a muslim im not sure but i will find out when its his funarel

  5. just want to confirm to sister who want to know if mickeal jackson became a muslim or no?
    yes sister he did revealed to islam
    and he change his neame to meekheal
    but the media did not pick on that
    and we all know why???????????????
    i have done my research.

  6. wen u sing it gets posted on ur blog, how cm we neva heard it 4rm zain’s site or hear abt him perfoming it anywhere. 4 asong like dat dat has drawn so much attention, remember there is a law on copyright, if not 4 d fame believe me jst any man would go 2 court 4 d cash or at least proclaim 2 d world its his song….remember we r all in d show 4 d business.dnt get it twisted am nt takn sides. may Allah be pleased with us all.

  7. i am sure that this song was by michael. even if zain has a similar voice how can we proove that its not michael’s. me i say that its for michael. even it is not him zain can never be michael.

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  10. Dis song is realy sang by micheal coz if u listen 2 d voice u wil knw it not zain but micheal

  11. I used to listen to this song almost everyday and I’m sure its MJ, no one can sing like this except him.

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