Anger between science and Quran

MV: While remembering the hadith that if your angry try sitting down and if your still angry lay down, I thought if like many other Science and Quran topics, could their be a relationship between Science and the Hadith of anger? So I searched on google and this is what I found:

Once a man came to Prophet Mohammed –Pbuh- asking for his advice and The Prophet turned to him, saying and repeating: “Do not ever be angry!” (Quoted by Al Boukhary).

This was later clarified by scientific studies which emphasized that anger, as a psychological and nervous excitement, has an effect not so much far than running when it increases the heart pulses and resultingly pumping more blood in a much quicker manner. However, this does not apply to running because the runner can stop if he/she wants to. As with anger, it cannot be easily gripped, especially if the person is not accustomed to. And then, what can happen? Actually, it was clinically proved that those who fly into rage can easily be patients of the hypertension and arteriosclerosis for the blood pressure becomes too high and the blood vessels lose their ability to widen and allow the passage of the extra pumped blood. Not only that but there are also the other psychological and social results which might undermine the human relationships.

However and note worthily, the mainstream thought since a very long time was that suppressing anger feelings is responsible for many diseases to the contrary of expressing these very feelings. Yet, a recent American study explained that they both have the same health harm with differences in severity. If we suppressed anger, there can be misgivings about suffering from hypertension and sometimes from cancer. And in the other case, this can cause lethal heart attacks because the explosion of anger would step it up and it shall grow harder to control it. And because the physical status is so much associated with the psychological one, this can cause the other vital organs and glands to excrete their hormones to the extent of disturbing and consequently weakening the immunity system or to stop it at all after the grave psychic crises. So, this explains why the body’s healthy cells can turn into cancerous ones in the absence of a normal immunity system. This indicates the scientific and practical philosophy behind the Prophet’s –Pbuh- reiteration upon maintaining your calmness.

On the other hand, Dr.Ahmed Shawki Ibrahim, the member of the Royal Society of Medicine in London and the internal medicine and cardiology consultant, says that human nature is marked by the different tendencies and behaviors. For example, the fleshly desires lead to rage and anger, the dominant nature is symbolized by the tendency towards arrogance and insolence while following one’s whims generate the hatred and aversion to others.

Generally speaking and in addition to the other psychological and physical diseases such as diabetes and angina, scientific researches, and according to Dr. Shawki, gathered on the fact that continuous anger shortens human longevity.

And to be right about it, anger should only be about the acts of profaning.

Still, the prophet Mohammed –Pbuh- tells us to cease doing anything and not to make any judgments if furious because any consequent behavior can bring about regret when calm.

And this is the Holy Qur’an depicting anger as a devilish force that compels man to do unreasonable things, when Prophet Moses –Pbuh- returned unto his people, angry and grieved, casted down the tablets and seized his brother by the head, dragging him towards himself. Then and when the anger of Moses abated, he took up the tablets again. Seemingly, the comparison between the two conditions is crystal clear. So, what we need is to show self control after the strong faith and trust in Allah, Our Creator. This is the behavior The Prophet –Pbuh- recommends when he tells that strength is the synonym of calmness, not the open fury.

Also tranquilizers cannot be a solution for their effects are clear with their frequent usage and at this point, they cannot be stopped or easily gotten rid of. And as anger changes behavior, the cure is to change the human behavior itself in the face of daily problems; to use calmness and subtlety instead. Whereas Dr.Shawki adds that psychology prescribes two other ways to allay fury:

The first: to reduce the emotional sensitivity by training patients, under medical auspices, to relax if met with difficult situations without feeling the least excitement.

The second: through the psychological and physical relaxation while remembering the hardest things experienced and changing the physical position, namely the standing up, sitting or lying down.

Though these were recommended by medicine these very recent years, The Prophet –Pbuh- taught it to his companions in his Hadith which says that if one feels angry while standing up (for example) they can sit or lie down to drive anger away.

Based on the seminars of scientific miracles of the Holy Qur’an held in Cairo (Al Islah “the Reform” Magazine, 296 issue, year 1994).

Source: Moheet

Translated by: Asmaa Sharaf El Deen

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  1. Good post and a excellent read. You have raised some logical points. Fantastic work, keep it up. I adore coming back back to this web-site and reading the high quality content you always have on offer.

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