Duas before the last Iftar

MV: As the last hours of Ramadan approach us (or in some countries Ramadan has already ended) we should remember how we woke up sehri each day, the feelings we had for iftar, how good we felt after reading Taraawi and the Quran and how much good deeds we each earned this Ramadan..now thats done we should also be exited for Allah (SWT)’s reward of Ramadan, Eid. For me the last day of Ramadan is sad as shaitan comes back and I start to remember all the good times I had while fasting and then at iftar but I am also exited to spend time with my family at eid InshAllah. So before we finish our fast today at Iftar for the last time this year we should remember a few things bellow and read these duas:

As Ramadan comes to an end, so do the increased opportunities for prayer. We may or may not get another Ramadan in our lives. This may be our last Iftar. Just before Iftar is a special time to ask Allah for everything you want. He loves hearing from us. The last night and day of fasting is a special day of Dua as well, considering that the Prophet has said that Allah makes decisions about our forgiveness that day. So here are some suggested Dua

Duas before the last Iftar

If everyone in your family can break fast together, it will be great to make Dua together.

  1. Oh Allah, please accept all of my prayers, fasting, and remembrance of You during this blessed month.
  2. Please forgive me for the shortcomings in my worship and help me improve by next Ramadan.
  3. Ya Allah, help me continue the good habits I have acquired during Ramadan.
  4. Oh Allah, please make me of the righteous, the guided, and those You love.
  5. Ya Allah, please guide me and my family to the Straight Path and help us become excellent Muslims for Your sake.
  6. I worship only You and only from You do I seek help. Please increase Your bounty for me

Do remember your loved ones, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and classmates by name in your Dua.

Also a nice video to watch before the last day:

Makkah Salat ul Witr and Dua 2009 1/2

Makkah Salat ul Witr and Dua 2009 2/2



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