Best Buy says “Happy Eid Al Adha”

MV: Its almost the time of year…Eid ul Adha! This year its close to Thanksgiving (American holiday) and for those in America, this is really cool! Thanks for chill yo islam for this article and news!

“It’s about time!

Best Buy became the first retailer to nationally invite consumers to celebrate Thanksgiving and Eid Al Adha (it was seen on Techcrunch first, thanks Techcrunch)

This is big news for the American Muslim market in particular and for some extreme Christians that are hating.I don’t see why? I mean all these years retailers have recognized other religious holidays for sales and now it’s our time and all of a sudden it’s a big deal.Muslims have never shown hate for other religious consumer groups and brands/stores recognizing them, people need to really fall back and take it easy.Everyone has a right to be market to.American Muslims have significant purchasing power and it’s in the best interest of businesses to take advantage of this opportunity, so leave it peoples.Thank you Best Buy! Don’t worry your going to be getting that Eiddy…hehe.”

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