Barbie in a Burka

MV: This is great! Modest barbie dolls…lets see them sing, “I’m a barbie doll now”! But Fox News in the other hand have a little misunderstanding…

Britain’s biggest Barbie fan Angela Ellis said of the show: “Bring it on Burka Barbie, I think this is a great idea.”

The 35 year old from Cheshire who has a collection of more than 250 dolls — added: “I think this is really important for girls, wherever they are from they should have the opportunity to play with a Barbie that they feel represents them.”


One thought on “Barbie in a Burka

  1. i don’t think it’s fox…even though fox has been known to be against Muslims for a while. It’s mostly brigitte gabriel who believes that Muslims should start a new religion and become reform Muslims, just as the Jews and Christians did. this is obviously haram and in the Quran we are supposed to never even think about changing the religion. i seriously had that !@#$%

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