A Voice From a Muslim (Reinitialization)

MV: Aselamulaikum

Its been long since I wrote one of these..but obviously there is a reason why.

This is a message to all The Muslim Voice visitors.

For those that used to visit my site very often you may have noticed I have been posting very little these last few months. I would like to apologize for all that used to follow me and my posts. I became really busy the past few months and before I used to post almost every day. I would like everyone to know that we will be keeping the site running and post at least once a week if not more.

As for the Podcast..we tried recording a new episode but were not able to, but keep stay tuned as we will InshAllah record a new episode.

Once again I apologize for not posting the past few months as much as I used to but we want everyone to know that we back and will be up and running again, Jazakullah.

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