The Degrees of Faith in Islam

MV: In Islam Muslims are divided up into three categories, these categories are determined by their amount of faith. The categories are much like the economy classes in a certain way but instead of determining you buy your money you are determined by your Iman (faith). The following is how you are placed in your classes.

Muslim Mu’min Mohsin
If you are a Muslim you have the faith status of Islam (the lowest level of faith) If you are a Mu’min you are told that you have Iman (faith) If you are a Mohsin you are called to have Ihsan (the highest level of faith)
To be a Muslim you preform the 5 Pillars of Islam


– Declaration of Faith


– Praying 5 times a day


– Giving charity to the poor


– Fasting in Ramadan


-Pilgrimage that Ibrahim preformed

To have Iman you must believe in the Iman-Muffassil and Iman-Mujmal and preform Sunnah

Iman-Muffassil (What Muslims believe in)



-Holy books


-Day of judgment

-Qadr (destiny)

-Life after Death

Iman-Mujmal (article of faith)

-Allah has brought faith and he has all of the attributes that are described in his names and I accept all of his commandments unreservedly

Preform Sunnah

– what the Prophet (S) did and said in his prophet hood

To have Ihsan is a difficult task and to maintain it is even harder

To be a Mohsin you must not just do what Allah tells you to do and believe what he says you must also do good deeds and be truthful and do all of your tasks with the feeling of Allah always watching you.

You must preform Sunnah (what Prophet PBUH did and said) and Nafl as well.

You must live a good life not just as a good Muslim but as a good person.

To have Islam a man must at least do the minimum To have Iman a man preforms more then just the minimum To have Ihsan you must do every task as if Allah is watchong you do them.
Lowest faith class Middle faith class Highest faith class

Obviously it is very hard to me a Mohsin and very easy to be Muslim. Basically the Muslim is like the low class and a Mohsin is the high class. When students are about to face the real world they dream to make money and be rich. They dream to be in the high class and as Muslims we should do the same, we should all try to aim up to being a Mohsin and have Ihsan.

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