Calling for Prayer or The Adhan

MV: The Adhan is a very simple but very powerful thing. It’s main reason is to call people to prayer or remind them that it is time for prayer. The word Adhan means call to prayer and the person who gives the Adhan or calls it is called the Muadhan. The Adhan is a very short procedure and it is easy to learn. Here is the text of the Adhan. After the Adhan is said there is a Dua that follows. Another thing about Adhan is that the Fajr Prayer has an extra verses. After the forth verse الصلاة خير من النوم” is added. Just in case you don’t know the timings for Adhan they are located below.

The Times for Adhan are:

Fajr                   From dawn until just before sunrise.

Dhuhr                After the sun’s zenith until late afternoon.

Asr                     From late afternoon until just before sunset.

Maghrib            From sunset until just before twilight (when the sky turns completely dark).

Isha’                   From twilight until dawn.

This is the Adhan
This is the Dua for the Adhan

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