A Voice From A Muslim-Yusuf Estes

MV: Aselamulaikum, Just in case I have not made the announcement clear, https://themuslimvoice.wordpress.com is now (Thank Allah (SWT)) themuslimvoice.com!! But what I should have announced even clearer was that who had kindly made this possible. I wanted to buy the domain “themuslimvoice.com” for a long time now and when I looked up the url it was already taken. So one day I decided to check who was could have taken the domain and I found out it was a brother “Yusuf Estes”. I told my friend who works with me on the site and he told me he was a famous Islamic revert (convert). So upon hearing that I thought, “Like that’s happening”. But after some time thinking, I tried giving it a shoot. So I emailed him and within a few days I actually got a email back in which he said, “we will talk on phone about it inshAllah” and he actually gave me his number!! I called him many times after that day but he did not pick up and when finally he picked up he said he was busy and that he would be coming to New York the following day!! (I live in New York). Unfortunately I was unable to come to his speeches at NY.  Whenever I called, his friend would pick up and say he was unavailable. When finally his friend said hes coming back to California, upon reaching there, I called him and he finally responded and he found out that the site (themuslimvoice.com) was just parked by him, as was 3000+ sites he had just parked but was unable to pay off. He then talked to me in a very kind manner and he actually made his parked domain redirect to my site for free!! And after that I found out that, truly Brother Yusuf Estes is amazing Alhumdoillah!

Heres a cool video of one of his speech in New York

This is the first part of my post about Yusuf Estes, the second post will be about how he reverted to Islam inshAllah.

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