The MreView: ICNA 2010 Rewind

MV: Hey Aselamulaikum!

This post is a little late! But ICNA was awesome Alhumdoillah! It was my first and not my last trip to the convention. So on this post I will write a little of my experience there.

“Before arriving I wondered what the Convention Center looked like. When I got there I opened my eyes wide as I saw many Muslims in scarfs and Arabic dressing appearing near by, but soon after I saw a huge 5 floor building! (And it was huge!) I found my self amazed at the building and I was just eager to go inside. When I entered the building and walked a little bit further to my right I saw a huge escalator and next to that stair with a red carpet which made me feel like I was famous! I went up the stairs (of course) and then reached upon the 2nd floor which was crowded with Muslims everywhere I sensed a bit of Ummah pride! Although it was completely off topic I felt like I was in a part of a Harry Potter movie (part 5) in which harry goes to a Wizardry bank and sees Wizards everywhere which in this case I saw Muslims everywhere! I looked up and saw that there was another set of escalators on one side and another side there was another set of stairs which lead to a small floor and then another set of escalator leading to a big floor. I carried on trying to find my Youth Group whom I would spend most of my time at ICNA. The first floor had one huge (and I mean huge) room with the joint Youth Conference, the prayer room, eating place and the Bazaar. The Bazaar had many unique stalls with many different type of Islamic content such as, Clothing, Books (which I bought a dreams interpretation), Halal Food, Islamic movies and other varieties of things such as Toys for kids and Candy (they had free samples!). I heard some good speeches there from speakers such as Noman Ali Khan who became one of my new favorite speakers. There was also a late night Basketball tournament in which my friend, Ali, got involved Imam Siraj Wahaj’s son and Noman Ali Khan! Unfortunately it turned out that we had no more space left for Noman Ali Khan so he was unable to play. I also volunteered this year with MCNA in doing a Islamic Who Wants A Millionaire which turned out really good Alhumdoillah. One of the negatives was that unfortunetly although Baba Ali was listed on the host name for the Entertainment Session his flight was late so he was unable to make it. But that still turned out great with my friend, Omar Shareef who hosts the event every year, So all in all my ICNA experience was great! I would give it a 10/10

3 thoughts on “The MreView: ICNA 2010 Rewind

  1. YYYEEEAAAHHH!!!! WWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Yo, it was great catching you there, bro!

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