The Muslim Voice Podcast Episode 2

MV: Aselamulaikum, It has been a long time since I released the last podcast episode but after a long days work we finally recorded another podcast episode! Join us once again for another exiting and knowledgeable episode of The Muslim Voice.

This Show we were unfortunately not joined by Br. HS and Br. Anas Shahid but they have been replaced by, Br. Mohsin Hassan and Br. Sameer Qureshi!

Note: We have finally uploaded our podcasts to a real feed and I have attempted to upload the podcast on Itunes but I am still waiting for my response inshAllah. Bellow the podcast you can subscribe to Podcast Alley, another big podcast site.

Note2: You can now listen to the podcast even easier! I have uploaded the podcast on a real server! And also for future notices our official feed and site for The Muslim Voice Podcast has been created!

Below you will find the show notes the link to download the show, it is very interesting so be sure to listen.

All episodes can also be available to download on the tab, The Muslim Voice Podcast.

The Muslim Voice Episode 2-June 24 2010-

1. Top 5 Posts of this show

a. Islam Today in Media-Icna Rewind-(What are your thoughts, who was your favorite speaker, would you want to come next year and what did you learn?)

b. Islamic Study-The duty of children towards parents-(What our parents did for us, how important are they in Islam)

c. Islamic Study-The Significance of the Youth in Islam-(What youth group has done for our life, how important the youth is for our life)

d. Islamic Study-The Degrees of Faith in Islam-(What are each of the faiths and how hard would it be to reach Mohsin)

d. The Muslim Voice Update-The Muslim Voice Commercial-(Reactions, The message, what you thought of the video, Could I have done a better job?)

2. Voice from Muslims-We respond to 5 comments from people around the world.

3. Surah Analyses-Suratal-Morselaat (Ayyuts: 11-20)

5. Ending Credits

6. Bloopers

Listen Now!

Run time: 1 hour 6 mins, 60.4 MB

*To Download, Right click on “Listen Now” and click on save link as.*


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