Ramadan Notice 2010

The New Moon has not been Sighted yet! But we will keep you updated!



Ramadan is almost here alhumdoillah! Most people say it begins either Wednesday or Thursday but I say only Allah (SWT) knows. So ill keep you guys updated as soon as I become aware of the sight of a new moon in Eastern Standard Time inshAllah.

4 thoughts on “Ramadan Notice 2010

  1. Salam,iam from Poland,warsaw please update me about new moon,because here in Poland we only depends on news updates,so please notify me about new moon info,

  2. As Salamu Alaykum

    Dear brother and sister on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, it gives us pleasure to extend our warmest greetings to all Muslims worldwide want to give them a blessed Ramadan may Allah accept our fasting and prayers.


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    Allah hafiz

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