Sponsoring The Pakistani Flood Relief

MV: Aselamulaikum,

The Muslim Voice is proud to announce that we are helping in The Pakistani Flood Relief! The Event we are sponsoring is in association with IALI (Islamic Association of Long Island) and Helping Hands, the information about the event is as follows:

“Due to the recent flooding in Pakistan, over one fifth of the country has been submerged in water. Millions of civilians have been devastated. As Muslims, it is our obligation to help those in need. In cooperation with Helping Hand USA and the Islamic Association of Long Island, Selden Masjid is hosting a special fundraising event. Activities include a Qiraat Competition, Islamic Quiz Competition, renowned speakers, and delicious Sahr before Fajr prayers. All Muslim brothers are encouraged and invited to come as this is a non-profit event. May Allah (SWT) reward all our efforts and help those in dire need in Pakistan.


So basically this Event is a Quiz/Qirat competition which will be served with food and each contestant’s money and the money for the food will go to Pakistan’s flood relief. Alhumdoillah this is a great event and I recommend anyone who lives in Long Island or near to attend. Now for those who live outside the area (which is the majority) I recommend anyone who wants to help out in donating to Pakistan’s flood relief to click on the logo bellow to donate using helping hands USA.

Remember the feeling when we break our fast at Iftari…lets make sure those people that are alive in the flood get a chance to have that feeling of breaking their fast. inshAllah.

When we break our fast, lets remember all those people in Pakistan and how they are having a hard time surviving without food.
The flyers for the Event, including the price and more:

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