Playing Football while Fasting

MV: Aselamulaikum! I really indeed think this story is inspirational for us as to how hard it is to fast and play football also. MashAllah!

For those of you outside of the US. This is the “American Football”.

for Ramadan this week, as did Muslims all over the world. He also participated in pre-season football training. Not surprisingly, people want to know how he can participate in rigorous training and not eat and drink from before dawn until after sunset.

According to reports, Abdullah—who has been fasting for Ramadan since 7-years-old—fasted while playing football growing up in California and during college at Washington State. For this Ramadan, he wakes up at 2:00 AM to drink a protein shake. He also hydrates with Gatorade, water, pedialytes and other liquids. Abdullah eats breakfast in the cafeteria and rides a bike at 5:00 AM before beginning training.

Although he has never had to break his fast before, he apparently told reporters “If something were to happen, where I started getting faint or dehydrated, it would be okay for me to break my fast because my health was at risk.

A few weeks ago, Germany’s Central Council of Muslims sought the advice of Al-Azhar in Egypt, which according to reports ruled “that if a player is obliged to perform under a contract that is his only source of income, if he has to play matches during Ramadan, and if fasting affects his performance, then he can break his fast.” The European Council for Fatwa and Research supported the ruling. Fasting days can be made up later.

Apparently, there are several other Muslims football players who also are fasting.


He plays for the Minnesota Vikings

And now….A nice video for Helping Hands by Hussain Abdullah

4 thoughts on “Playing Football while Fasting

  1. I admire that kind of dedication, tempered with the common-sense understanding of not risking one’s health. He’s a fine example for all of us, particularly we who don’t have to exercise for 8 hours a day as part of our job.

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