A Voice From A Muslim (The Muslim Vision)

MV: Aselamulaikum!

First and far most I would like to make dua for those that are doing Hajj this year. May Allah (swt) accept all their duas and reward them for their good deeds inshAllah.

Alright so lets get down to some announcements!

1. I want to formally introduce everyone to our new logo, “The Muslim Vision!” (Look bellow the post) I myself created this new logo by using Photoshop. The whole new vision idea is something that has a hidden message that I will announce to this site this Eid inshAllah! Although this is our new logo, it also has something to do with a new announcement I will be making shortly on the day of Eid-Al-Adha….so stay tuned!

2. I would also like to appologize for a technical difficulty that happened with The Muslim Voice Podcast on Itunes. The episodes were unable to download properly but I have alhumdoillah fixed that!

3. I really want to shape up the website soon inshAllah. I really want to make the website follow the slogans, “The Muslim Voice” and “Make the Islamic Choice”. Some major changes will hopefully come soon so I would be exited if I was you! 🙂

4. The Muslim Voice Podcast Episode 3 is being planned also; I am currently trying to make a date for it to happen. I, inshAllah really hope to make an Eid Edition Episode if I get enough time inshAllah.

Thats all the announcements for now….so stay tuned until Eid inshAllah!

To download-Right Click and Save image as.

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