After watching 2012 and Doomsday, I became a Muslim

MV: Aselamulaikum!

Many people that convert or should I say reconvert back to Islam have amazing stories most of the time. From Yusuf Estes to a US Mayor, they all have very good stories mashAllah. The most recent one I have found is from a story someone has submitted on my friends blog, Islamic Experiences. This Muslim reconverted from watching the movie, 2012 and doomsday mashAllah! I personally have seen the movie 2012 and that movie can seriously be something that makes you have fear of the end of the world, I can see how he could have became a Muslim. Read up on this story because it is simply amazing mashAllah! May Allah (swt) continue to guide this man inshAllah.

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“Asslaamu Alaikum Wa Rahamatullah Wa Barakatu.

My name is Hussein King Jordan. I am 30 years old working in Qatar. This is my first time to work outside the Philippines. When I arrived here (Feb 2009) my religion was Christianity so I never thought that in a long run I would be in Islam.

In November 2009, my officemate and I were decided to watch a movie 2012 and Doomsday; I’m sure you know these [movies]. So after that I was not able to sleep because I was affected by the movie. I mean I was scared from the huge earthquakes and thunderbolts. I asked myself well if this happened “Where will I go Paradise or Hell?” So that’s how it started.

I started researching for the truth, I printed articles [about] anything that would answer my questions. So it came to my mind about ISLAM. What’s ISLAM? Luckily, I have a Muslim born office-mate. So I started asking him about Islam in general. He was able to answer all of my questions. I got satisfied too but I still continued reading Islamic books. I asked [for] guidance; [I asked] God to guide me to the right path.

I am aware how they tagged Muslim as a terrorist. Indeed, we have Muslims in Mindanao, Philippines. That’s why in the Philippines, when you say Muslim, [people think that] these are group of people making trouble in a said area. Not all of them [though].

There were times that, every time I heard Adhan it was like I want to do Salah but I don’t know how (that time I was not yet Muslim). It took two to three months before I decided to embrace Islam.

No one forced me to join Islam. Honestly, I embraced Islam because of its genuine messages from one God to mankind. I embraced Islam because God has guided me and took me from darkness into light. I embraced Islam in January 27, 2010.

Now, I am almost nine months being a Muslim. I am happy attending congregational salah and Sunnah salah. I went to Makkah for umrah and I visted Madinah with the help of Qatar Guest Center. I never thought in [my] life that I [will] go visit the Holy City. Alhamdulillah.

It was my first time to experience Ramadan so now I know how it feels and blessed. My soul is now satisfied to where I am. I gained peace of mind; this is because of Allah’s guidance. I am still continuing reading books about Islam and the Holy Quran. I am currently studying the Arabic language. I am excited to share [the] Islamic teachings to my family, especially to my son and teach him how to do salah insha-Allah. “

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