Hadith of the Week 12/12/10

MV: Aselamulaikum, Along with the return of Video of the Week I would like to introduce the new Hadith of the Week!

This weeks hadith is:

A group of the Sahabah asked Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him): “Teach us which kind of wealth is best, so that we may try to acquire it?” He (Peace Be Upon Him): said: “The best is a remembering tongue (one that remembers Allah), a grateful heart and a believing wife who helps one’s faith.” [Reported by Ahmad, 5/278; al-Tirmidhi, 3039; Saheeh al-Jaami’, 5231]

2 thoughts on “Hadith of the Week 12/12/10

  1. Aselamulaikum,

    I know you have a misinterpretation, but just realize that not all Muslims are like that, please look at the good Muslims in this world. We dont support violence, Islam is the religion of peace.

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