The End of The Muslim Vision!

MV: Aselamualikum,

I realized that the Muslim Vision was a little too hard to make and it didn’t really portray The Muslim Voice to well. So instead I have others things in mind to make the site better in mind inshAllah! Sorry for those that really wanted The Muslim Vision done. From time to time I might put in a few voices here and there, but other than that don’t expect them in every single post!

Jazakullah khair.

The Muslim Voice Team

4 thoughts on “The End of The Muslim Vision!

  1. Can we “expand” and have other faiths and religions involved also in our discussions? Wouldn’t it be better to have Christians and Jews on this forum/blog with us to expand our knowledge of humanity?

  2. Aselamulaikum to the commenter above^

    This site is open to all people of faiths, race, gender, etc. But the main purpose is to spread Islam (inshAllah), but I like your idea, I want other faiths to be on this blog like you said to expand our knowledge and increase unity inshAllah.

  3. Thank you for your comment. My Jewish friend will now feel comfortable to come to this website and help us understand him and his life.

  4. My people: Allah “Lord God” will exalt what Him will upon the earth: {The Koran with Parallel Arabic Text}. Not what you will: The Holy Bible, The Hebrew Bible, The King James, The Mormon Bible, The Santa Biblia, The Watch Tower, The Buddha Enlightenment and many others. The Quran, The Warsh Version, The Hafs Version, The Qalun Version, The al-Duri Version & others. Fear Allah & follow me: {The Koran}. For this I demand of you know recompense, only my Lord can reward me: Torah and Gospel. Who case His spirit upon me, dust bring fore all things in repentance. Allah, please forgive us and except this from us {‘The Cow’ and ‘The Prophets’} and {‘The Cow’ and ‘The Table’}. Fear “Allah Almighty God” the World Greatest Most High Exalted Creator and Ruler of the Universe. Who will destroy all countries and nations that will not worship Him only showing Superior {Power & Strength} the All-powerful Lord God? Who has no son name (Jesus) or no wife name (Mary). And it is a sin to say so. To Allah alone is true worship due. He alone is worthy of exalting to the highest highs of glory, honor & praise. It is Allah who warns you all before destruction to repent and fear His exalted {Power}. Or be destroy by Him with: Fires & Smoke, Winds, Thunderstorms & Flooding, Mud, Snow & Hailstorms, Earthquakes, Tornados & Hurricanes & many others destructions by Lord God

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