Muslims “Holla From Hollywood”

MV: Aselamulaikum folks
In today’s post I wanted to address a couple of
famous Muslims that are making progress in Hollywood, from actors
to directors. They might be really big names or they might not even
be that known. But keep in mind the purpose of this post is to show
the progress of Muslims in Hollywood in a good way. The
people shown aren’t based necesarily on popularity but also on how
well they portray us as Muslims!

-Director of the

The creativity of
Moustapha Akkad came in such movies asLion of the
and Mohammad: Messenger
of God
, where he directed and showed some really creative

amazing view on the history of Islam. As an Arabic Muslim it was
really hard for him to make it in Hollywood but no one could deny
his talent as a director and a producer.-From

The Comedians of
Allah Made Me Funny

Comedian, writer, and
actor Preacher Moss imagines what it would be like if Muslims
advertised to get people to join their faith: “Are you sick of eating pork?
Are you tired of drinking alcohol? Only got one wife? Whaaaaat?”
Cue the laughter. Moss, along with comedians Azhar Usman and Mo
Amer form the Allah Made Me Funny comedy trio, which has been
touring the country for years. They made their Hollywood debut
in 2008 with a movie based on their uproarious and eye-opening act.
Poking fun at Muslims and non-Muslimsnalike, these multi-talented
comedians truly wear their faith on their sleeves as they use their
comedy to encourage people to take a new look at Muslims.-From
Beliefnet Read

Qasim Basir-Director of

Qasim “Q” Basir has
been taking the movie industry by storm for years now, but it
wasn’t always about the movies. He was planning on a career in law
until he flew through the window of a car during a traffic accident
in 2002. He said that while recovering from his injuries, “I
decided I needed to do what I loved, and make a difference while
doing so.” That was making movies. Most recently, Qasim has
refocused his attention to his next feature film “MOOZ-lum”,
starring Evan Ross, Nia Long, Danny Glover, Roger Guenveur Smith,
Summer Bishil & Dorian Missick.-From

Badreya-Actor from Iron Man and Independence Day

The actor, who grew up in poverty
in Egypt, turned to films as his only escape from the
political turmoil in his country during the 1960s and 70s. After
moving to the U.S. to attend New York University’s film school,
Badreya left for Hollywood and began appearing in typical “foreign”
and “terrorist” roles on television and film. His big break came in
the late 1990s, when he scored roles in “The Insider,” “Three
Kings,” “Independence Day,” and “Stargate.” He was most recently
seen in “Iron Man” and “You Don’t Mess with the Zohan.” But for
Badreya, his true dream is to tell the stories of real Arabs.
For that purpose, he formed the production company Zoom in Focus,
which has put out a number Arab- and Muslim-centered short films.
As the king of Muslim and Arab character roles, Badreya has
been a Hollywood mainstay for three decades.-From BeliefNet

-Comedian and Actor from Comedy

Comedian and actor Dave
Chappelle knows how to get a laugh. He parlayed his groundbreaking
brand of sketch comedy into the wildly popular Comedy Central
program, “The Dave Chappelle Show,” which debuted in 2003. Then
Chappelle, whose comedic star was on a meteoric rise, took a sudden
hiatus in 2005 from Season Three of the show. He disappeared and
then turned up in South Africa. Why would the comedian walk away
from a $50 million contract and retreat to relative seclusion with
an old friend named Salim? To reflect on his Muslim faith, to be “well balanced”
and to “check my intentions,” Chappelle told Time Magazine in
2005.-From BeliefNet

Every minor role
he played made people like him more and more and when ‘the Dave
Chappelle show’ debuted in 2003 he got even more prominent, Dave is
said to have converted to Islam in 1998, in 2005 Dave retired for
unknown reasons.

Faran Tahir-Actor from StarTrek

In 1985, he appeared as Bolshintsov in U.C. Berkeley’s production of A Month in the Country. He graduated from the University of CaliforniaBerkeley, with a BA in Theatre before acquiring a graduate degree from Harvard University‘s Institute for Advanced Theatre Training. He made his film debut playing Nathoo in the Disney’s 1994 live-action version of Rudyard Kipling‘s The Jungle Book. He has since appeared in such films as Picture Perfect (1997), Anywhere But Here (1999), and Charlie Wilson’s War (2007). He also played the male lead in the 1999 independent film ABCD. In 2008, Tahir played the role of the villain Raza in the Marvel Comics-based Iron Man. He played Starfleet captain Richard Robau in the 2009 film Star Trek. Tahir has guest starred on many television series, including AliasThe PracticeFamily LawThe AgencyNYPD BlueLost7th HeavenThe West WingJAGJudging AmyThe D.A.24MonkJusticeCold Case,Chuck and Warehouse 13. He also co-starred with Robert Beltran and Chase Masterson in the 2005 Sci Fi Channel original movie Manticore. Most recently, he starred in the medical drama series Grey’s Anatomy as Isaac. Tahir will star in the upcoming ghost horror film Jinn.-From Wikipedia

Irfan Khan-Actor from A Might

Irfan Khan, a Bollywood acting staple for a decade, has brought his
star power to Hollywood with such films like “A Mighty Heart,”
“Slumdog Millionaire,” and “The Darjeeling

Abdalla-Actor from the Kite Runner

In 2003, Abdalla played the title
role in Christopher
‘s Tamburlaine
the Great
on the site of the Rose
. This was the inaugural production of Peter
‘s Canon’s Mouth Theatre Company composed of “young
actors intent on discovering a new voice for the great metaphorical
dramas of the Renaissance”.
Abdalla’s first screen role was in a 2005 episode
of Spooks
entitled Infiltration of a New
. After United 93
he was cast in the lead role of the film The
Kite Runner
. In preparation for that role, he
spent a month in Kabul to
learn Dari
and kite-flying.In 2008, Abdalla appeared as Guy
Pringle in the Radio 4 adaptation of Fortunes
of War
. He starred as Freddy
in Green
with Matt
and director Paul
. In 2010, he narrated the BBC
Series Syrian School.-From Wikipedia

3 thoughts on “Muslims “Holla From Hollywood”

  1. After years of false starts and small parts Chappelle hit the big time in 2003 with Chappelles Show a cable TV comedy series made up of skits short films and impressions of celebrities such as and . His film credits include Half Baked 1998 Youve Got Mail 1998 starring and Undercover Brother 2002 with …..Extra credit In 2005 the the first season of Chappelles Show surpassed the first season of as the best-selling TV series on DVD……Blog posts mentioning Dave Chappelle …………

  2. Not only because the comedian felt his soul was worth more than 50 million the reported amount he walked away from when he left his Chappelles Show but also because he lives worlds apart from the place–literally and figuratively.

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