The Muslim Voice Episode 3: Interview with Sameer Eats

MV: Aselamulaikum! Finally we found the right time to record a new podcast alhumdoillah! Also for this episode we got to interview Br. Sameer Eats!

Join Me (Saad) and Tahab once again for another exiting and knowledgeable episode of The Muslim Voice.

Episode 3-1/17/11-

1. Top 5 Posts of this show

a. Sports and Islam
b. The Prophet’s (PBUH) last Sermon
c. Delaying your Salaat
d. After watching 2012 I converted
e. The Closeness between you and Allah (Swt)

2. Interview with Br. Sameer Eats! Remember to check out to check his show out inshAllah. 

3. Surah Analysis-Surah Morselaat (Ayyuts 21-30)

4. Ending Credits

5. Bloopers

Listen Now!

Run time: 1 hour 7 mins, 62.0 MB

*To Download, Right click on “Listen Now” and click on save link as.*



You can also listen to the interview separately on YouTube:

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