Set Sail on the Salaam Cruise!

MV: Aselamulaikum

Planning on going on a long and relaxing cruise with entertainment, good food and lots of fun? Well why not make it all halal and aboard the Salaam Cruise! The SalaamCruise is the first ever Islamic Cruise for Muslims worldwide! Just imagine going on a cruise with halal food, Muslim talks, Sports, Halal entertainment and most importantly none of those haraam bars or casinos that you have to deal with! Yes…its real and halal! The first ever Islamic Cruise is taking place next January 2012 inshAllah! Can’t wait to get aboard? You can early register this 4th of February! Here are the details:

Shout out to Br. Wisam Sharieff for his efforts in the project


Welcome to the Salaam Cruise!!

We have done some thing outrageous, spectacular, unheard of. 3000 pre-registered people agree with us!

We are chartering an entire boat, yacht, ship…. a mega cruise ship. Yes, the entire $1 billion, 3 football fields long mega cruise ship. Insha’Allah we will have the entire cruise ship all 2600 spaces all to ourselves.

Imagine a 3 day cruise to the sunny tropical shores of the Bahamas.
– Whole ship reserved for Muslims
– No alcohol & No gambling (bar & casino will be closed)
– Halal food
– Muslim entertainment, talks, etc.
What is the planned itinerary?

The following is the planned itinerary on Carnival cruise lines.

Day Port Arrive Depart
Fri Jan 27, 2012 Miami, FL 4:00 pm EST
Sat Jan 28, 2012 Nassau, Bahamas 10:00am EST
Sun Jan 29, 2012 Nassau, Bahamas 7:00am EST
Sun Jan 29, 2012 Fun Day at Sea
Mon Jan 30, 2012 Miami, FL 8:00am EST
Can you give some more details about the project?

The Salaam Cruise is a grass roots community effort to make ‘halal’ cruising a reality. The success of the Salaam Cruise project is in your hands.

For about a year, we have been working with various cruise lines and our community to charter an entire ship for Muslims. We had a 3000 strong ‘yes’ from our community when asked if they support this project. We are now at a point where the cruise lines have said they can make their ships ‘halal’ for us. We as a community now have to show we are serious about this event taking place.

What do you have planned for the cruise?

Insha’Allah the cruise will offer an Islamic environment where Muslims of all ages and cultures can feel comfortable.

Some of the programs we are planning:

Singles Couples Family/Children
Halal matrimonial mixers Stand up comedians Sports
Game shows Game shows Game shows
Classes (calligraphy, spa) Poetry mic nights (mushaira, etc) Poetry mic nights (mushaira, etc)
Professional networking Romantic scenery Competitions
Islamic lectures Islamic lectures Islamic lectures
Classes (calligraphy, spa) Classes (calligraphy, spa)

**We also have a special surprise, the only known [“Nikkah on the high seas”] is planned for this cruise. Email us if you are interested.

MV: Nikkah on the high seas! Sounds like they’ve gotten the Aunties signed in!

Here are some pictures of the cabins:


Ocean View:

Ocean View Grand Suite:

MV: Can’t wait to get on board? Book your trip now and aboard the Salaam Cruise inshAllah!

Click here to find out ticket prices and more information about the trip.

Update: Br. Wisam Sharieff recorded a short video about it:

24 thoughts on “Set Sail on the Salaam Cruise!

  1. This is awsome I am going to get Married on this Cruis InshAllah i know its going to be expensive but i will manage lol

  2. Salaams,

    My name is Shabanna and my family and I are very interested in the salaam cruise. I’m also a travel agent and I book cruises for carnival cruise lines. I would appreciate all the info and itinerary for the cruise, including the name of the cruise ship. Thank you, and we’ll greatly appreciate it…..

  3. wow this is awesome Mahsaallah!!! i was wondering when i would be able to go on a cruise without siding with the sinners in their drinking and gambling and nudity and what not…this is AMAZING!!! i wish to go on it.

  4. Pretty fine article. I just stumbled upon your site and I have to say that I have really enjoyed reading your posts. I’ll be subscribing to your feed anyway and I hope you’ll post again soon. Big thanks for the good information.

  5. looks like an awsome idea. Though, i find it very strange that there is no phone number in the entire website advertising for the trip. just an email address at the bottom of the page. i would never pay thousands of dollars online without first communicating with a live person over the phone.

    very weired!!!!

  6. We would like to go on this cruise and wish to know the details of price. We are in Toronto, Canada

  7. SalamoAlikom.. very interested, me and my family.. I read the entire article, I don’t see any info on registration or pricing.. please update us

  8. On the post it says click here to find more information about tickets, click on it!

  9. i guesss i searched this site a bit late ,but perfect just came from a trip of cuba where my 4 yr old son said mumy why dont u wear a beading suit like others and i was just thinking i wish i can take him a muslim vacation and here you gooooooo inshaAllah will definitely going if not in 2012 then in 2013

  10. What if a non Muslim wants to come? Is your religion checked before buying a ticket! InshAlllaah no imposters will come ruin our trip.

  11. it would be nice if they are more professinal…even with their websites, thy should take a look at other cruise websites and get some ideas on how to present themselves…maybe if thy do things proffesionaly then people of all religions can come and enjoy…a muslim should use hikma(wisdom) in anything that we do.

  12. Totally agree with above. I would love to come to this and take my four children, however I worry about the lack if experience… May need a few times to perfect and I am not willing to spends thousands if I’m not sure it will be a positive and happy experience. More details and professionalism definitely required. I hope inshaa Allah it is a success and the plan is a good one.

  13. Sally & Muhummud make a good point, yet growing up in the US, we’re a people of many firsts! Facilitators, please respond to our feedback and patrons, please do support good efforts. Insha’ALLAH, those in attendance will have a fabulous time. After all, little is more pleasing than beholding such an expanse of sky!
    Caution, if anyone has not yet completed Hajj, please attend to that matter first. There is no trip more pleasurable & we pray that ALLAH make it easy for you!


  14. Truly an awesome effort by such thriving muslims-co-incidently I had just inquired from my mum last week about some cruises she had been on in the past and her main concerns were the alcohol,nudity and non-halaal food-surely there will be teething problems as in any new venture but hey lets give this group a chance and support a halaal organisation-our support will encourage their future success-cant wait to tell my fellow collegues

  15. Salam aleikum!

    I would like to know how to apply to work in this cruise. Thank you!

  16. Can someone please post there experience on this Cruise , so others can plan for future trips also links to the site are not working for ticket prices and stuff .. its a good effort but needs feedback !!

  17. Salam, is there any future trip planned yet? It was amazing opportunity to travel with family but guess we missed it. Please post if any plans in 2013.

  18. Asalam…. I’ve already work work on msc cruise ship..As I am a muslim i would love to work onboard this cruise Thank you

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