Hosni Mubarak To Step Down!

MV: After weeks of revolting and fighting back the Egyptians finally got what they wanted. Their ruler Hosni Mubarak who was oppressive and unjust is going to step down today from office. His presidetnal speech is to happen today at 4:00 pm EST. I bought this topic up because the Egyptians persevered. There is an Ay’aa in the Quran “Oh you who believe! Persevere in patience and constancy. Vie in such perseverance, strengthen each other, and be pious, that you may prosper.” (3:200) These people worked hard and got what they wanted. Inshallah that this desicion will work out for the best for them and Inshallah they get all the help needed politically and peacefully.  Watch the speech at http://www.youtube.com/aljazeeraenglish?feature=ticker

Tahrir Square 1st February 2011
The Egyptians Praying Salat
Man With a Lot of Courage
The Egyptians Being Hosed Down

> Feb 2 - The Egyptian Revolution 2011--Incredible Pictures! - Photo posted in Non-headline articles, commentary and media | Sign in and leave a comment below!

2 thoughts on “Hosni Mubarak To Step Down!

  1. I’m seriously thrilled about everything that took place in Egypt. Ultimately, the tyranny of Hosni Mubarak has come to an ending. And all the things developed simply because of the bravery of the egyptians. I pray that the example will expand through all the Middle East. Liberation now! Peace.

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