“Today, I am a Muslim, Too” Rally in Times Square

*Update: Pictures are now available from the event, click here to view them.

I thank Br. Shameel Arafin for the pictures.

MV: Aselamulaikum

Last year most of you might remember that Yusuf Islam was at the rally to restore sanity which was hosted right by the big white house in D.C. Well if D.C. wasn’t good enough, this year a complete Islamic rally called, “Today, I am a Muslim, Too” is being held at Times Square, New York City! For those of us that live by that area or even far from it know that a lot of people have stereotypical thoughts against Muslims. This rally that is taking place should further help the thoughts of those misguided inshAllah! From D.C. to NYC, this is all just amazing alhumdoillah.

From: http://globalgrind.com/



Community Leaders, Local Officials and Religious Leaders Join Together to Protest

Targeting of American Muslims & Arabs in Upcoming Congressional Hearings

On Sunday March 6, 2011, a broad coalition of over 75 interfaith, nonprofit, governmental, and civil liberties groups will come together in Times Square (42nd Street and 7th Avenue) in support of equitable civil rights for the Today, I Am a Muslim, Too, rally.   Taking place in response to upcoming Congressional hearings led by Peter King (R-LI), rally-goers will stand together against bigotry caused by anxiety, misinformation, and ignorance, to show Congress a united American community which seeks to strengthen – not dilute – our bonds of friendship and trust.  Organizers of this rally believe one can be a loyal Muslim as well as a loyal American without conflict.

“As invested Americans, we acknowledge the important work of the Congressional Committee on Homeland Security,” said Russell Simmons; Chairman of RUSH Communications. “However, we’re concerned the hearings will send the wrong message and alienate American Muslims instead of partnering with them, potentially putting their lives at risk by inciting fear and enmity.”

Rabbi Marc Schneier, President of the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding (FFEU), has suggested that the hearings should be “broadened in such a way that other ethnic communities and faith communities can attest to the tremendous contribution and solidarity that American Muslims have for our country.”

In addition to Simmons and Rabbi Schneier, additional guests expected to appear include; Imam Shamsi Ali (Islamic Cultural Center), Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf (Cordoba Initiative), Rev. Bob Chase (Intersections), Rabbi Peter J. Rubinstein (Central Synagogue), Katherine Henderson (Auburn Theological Seminary), Rev. Chloe Breyer (Interfaith Center of New York), Rev. Amandus J. Derr (St. Peter’s Church), and many other religious, community, and political leaders.  There will also be a performance by UN Goodwill Ambassador Salman Ahmad of Junoon Band.

Alarmed at the demonization of an entire community, hundreds of civil liberties groups have signed letters opposing the hearings as they are currently planned, including a petition circulated by Faith in Public Life.   On February 1, 2011 a letter to House Majority and Minority Leaders John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi, protesting the bias evident in King’s hearings.

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