SalaamCruise-Sheikh Yasir Qadhi Booked, Imam Suhaib Webb as well?

*Update: Br. Suhaib Webb has officially notified me that he will not be attending the Cruise.

MV: Aselamulaikum!

Remember my post earlier last month about the new “Salaam Cuise” setting sail next year? Well recently the well-known sheikh, “Yasir Qadhi” has confirmed on his facebook that he will be attending the Salaam Cruise inshAllah, here’s what he said:

“I had wanted to take my kids on a holiday (Allah knows they have definitely earned one because of my constant travelling!!). A friend of mine alerted me to this new project:
This seems like an ideal vacation: a family cruise.
I’ve signed up, but they need more people to join in order to reserve the ship. Check it out yourselves, and if you can join, the more the merrier!”

The more the merrier indeed! And to top it off, Imam Suhaib Webb might be setting sail as well. Although his answer was a little “unique” in a tweet @ Wisam Shareef, here is what he had to say,

“@WisamSharieff Salam Cruise is a dope idea!”

His response was a little funny but the crew at Salaam Cruise are still questioning him on twitter on whether or not he’s joining them under the sun.

Alhdumdoillah its great to see the list of guests on the cruise expanding and what would be even more cool would be if Br. Wisam Shareef (who was already booked), Yasir Qadhi and Imam Suhaib Webb could do awesome lectures on the sea inshAllah! I hope to see other well knowns speaker get booked for this cruise inshAllah!

Do these speakers hook you up?

Click here to find out ticket prices and more information about the trip.

Oh…and check out this awesome water park right on the cruise!

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