Mullah Accuses Pakistani Actress of Immoral Behavior?

MV: Heres a question, does charity and helping the poor outweigh the sin of immoral behavior? Well although only Allah would know the true answer, it is quite obvious that it’s a really big sin to tell the public about another Muslim’s sins. The video bellow is actually quite sad and makes you think, who’s actually wrong? Although I already have a stance on the question, I’ll put up a poll and see what you guys actually think.

*Note* The Video’s in Urdu however there are subtitles that go along well with the show:

Veena Malik is a Pakistani actress who appeared on the very popular Indian TV show Bigg Boss (the Indian version of Big Brother). In the clip above, a mullah tells her she brought shame on Pakistan with her behavior on the show, and that 100% of Pakistanis agree with him. The mullah also admits he didn’t watch the show himself, but knows all of this to be true.

Veena responds by pretty much mopping up the floor with him. She points out out how her religion backs up her actions, where he’s in violation of the same rules he’s taking her to task for. She also says if he wishes to defend Islam, there are countless targets more deserving of close inspection, but here he is instead wasting his time complaining about an actress.


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