The Islamic Swag~Modesty


In our society, lets be honest, we are constantly exposed to shameful and immodest behavior in media, tv, books, posters, etc. When we first look at something extremely shameful we get shocked but after we constantly see something vulgar or inappropriate it dosent seem like a big deal. And when we hear or see something we’re not supposed to and it dosent seem like a big deal then we should know there’s something really wrong with our hearts. And thats exactly a good reason why the lack of modesty is something Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) feared most about his people.

A huge part of being Modest is feeling shameful.

Imagine your self doing something shameful and then your mother walks in on you, or your brother walks in on you, or your sister walks in on you or in that manner maybe even your Grandpa walks in on you. How humiliated would you feel? How bad would you feel and how sorry would you feel?

Allah says in the Quran:

“and who, when they have committed a Shameful deed or have [otherwise] sinned against themselves, remember God and pray that their sins be forgiven – for who but God could forgive sins? – and do not knowingly persist in doing whatever they may have done.”-Al Imran Verse 135.

This ayyut says that if you do confront a shameful act (and trust me you will definitely confront something shameful) then as soon as you do, the first thing you do is, stop and ask for forgiveness from Allah (Swt) because who else can forgive your sins anyways?

When you feel bad about your self shaitan comes in and questions you “how do you accept Allah to forgive you, first you did this and then you go pray to Allah”? Then you you might get the feeling of not praying and think, “yeaaaa I shouldn’t pray”.

BUT NO! this ayyut says that you go and ask for forgiveness instead of winning and crying and then you make sure that in your heart their is no doubt that you wont come back to the sin again.

But now what could you do to stay away from shameful acts? The answer is simple: Stay with good company and never be alone. If you know your computer will leave you to sinful acts then keep your door open while using your computer. If theres a room that has a lot of shameful things in it, just don’t go to that room. The idea is to save yourself from those conditions from the beginning.

So whats being Shameful have to do with being Modest? Being shameful when you confront a sin alone and when your with others make you modest. But what does modesty mean?

A whole part of modesty is about what you wear and how you act. You know your swag. The Islamic Swag is Modesty.

These days most people’s swag and what they wear are tied into how they act or what position they are in school or even society in general. In high School people try to dress as accordingly to whats “in” and not whats “out”. We try to get the best clothing out there; from places like Aeropastel, Hollister, etc. because that’s what everyone else is wearing . But do we ever stop and think if what I’m wearing is actually modest.

Some people in high school wear those baggy jeans where their pants are practically touching the ground, personally, I don’t wanna see anyones boxers. Some people in High School wear extremely tight jeans which make you think, whats the point of even wearing jeans in the first place. The point is just because somethings cool and everyone does it, doesn’t mean that that’s whats right according to Islam. Just because it brings you to a higher position in society doesn’t mean it’ll bring to a higher position in front of Allah.

Wheres the modesty these days? We look at actors, singers and even athletes with half naked clothing, Modesty is on a far run from that.

Modesty is valued in Islam, and both men and women have certain guidelines in this regard.  For example, ideally, men should not wear gold or pure silk, as these are seen as a sign of luxury. Women, however, are allowed to wear both pure silk and gold. See how equal Islam is in Islam? Perfume (ether) is not forbidden, and in fact, its encouraged at certain times, such as when attending Friday prayers.  It is said to give one a sense of Paradise. Both men and women have certain areas (called the ‘awra) that Islam requires them to keep covered out of modesty.  Neither gender should wear seductive clothing, but there is no limit to the various styles or swags that a Muslim man or woman can wear. Even at Hajj, or pilgrimage to Mecca, men wear a seamless white cotton garment.  Women however are allowed to wear their regular regional styles.  Together, therefore, the women and men at Hajj show both the unity and the diversity of the umma, or Muslim community.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said ‘Modesty is part of faith,

Theres a lot of aspects of Modesty, the way you talk, act and also lowering your gaze. We all know that when we see something that we shouldn’t be seeing; we should lower our gaze as it makes us modest. And yes that means you can’t stare at Hannah Montana seductively.

In the Quran it says “Say to the believing, men that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty. O you believers! Turn you all together towards Allah that you may attain success” (24:30-31)

The way we speak, as with everything in Islam, speech should be moderate.  Raising one’s voice in venting anger simply shows one lacks the ability to contain it, and only damage will ensue from it.  Uncontrolled anger, for example, can expose the shameful ego within. And please none of that gangster swag and curses.

So whats the purpose of being Modest?

Islamic scholars consider modesty to be a quality that distinguishes human beings from animals.  Animals follow their instincts without feeling any shame or a sense of right or wrong. The less modesty a person has, the more he resembles animals.  Do you ever see an animal in the wild wearing a pant and a tshirt? The more modesty a person has, the closer he is to being human.

Modesty is so important in Islam that even the first Prophet (Adam) was told to be modest:

“O Children of Adam! We have sent down to you clothing in order to cover the shameful parts of your body, and to serve as protection and decoration.” (Quran 7:26) According to this verse, covering of the body has been made obligatory for every male and female.

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said,

“Iman has over seventy branches, and modesty is a branch of Iman.” (Muslim)

and he also said,

“Modesty is an ingredient of Iman (faith).

Modesty is an essential part of Islam. So keep that Islamic Swag man, Modesty.

Also, I won’t lie. I got a lot of the knowledge from Br. Nouman Ali Khan, so check his video right bellow:

May Allah (Swt) keep us all Modest inshAllah.

[An Original Post written by The MV (Saad)]

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