Hebah Ahmed Debates Mona Eltahawy over French Niqab (Burka) Ban

MV: Aselamulaikum

Many of you have probably heard about the recent strict banning of the Burqa (face veil) in France. Well a few days ago, Sister Heba Ahmad from MuslimMatters went on CNN and had a little debate with another Muslim women, Mona about the issue in France, check out what she had to say: 

You can read the transcript here.

Alhumdoililah, I think Sister Heba did a great job (even such little time), remember both of them are Muslims, so whose side would you be on?

4 thoughts on “Hebah Ahmed Debates Mona Eltahawy over French Niqab (Burka) Ban

  1. I just know one thing,we all muslim brother and sister should try tofollow the sunnat way.And to wear a niqab or burqa is sunnat,as it benefit all human beings.

  2. I wouldn’t wear niqab and I don’t like the idea of it much at all but we are able to make our own decisions on this matter as sister Heba did. I am 100% against a ban and in support of women wearing what they want to wear.

  3. I am so proud of heba ahmed’s reply tp mona eltahawy over the niqab being a personal choice. Monas extremely hatred and negative attitude towards the niqab makes it seem like she may have dealt with issues in early adoloscence such as being forced to wear the hijab which may have lead to this negativity. The interviewer seemed fairly neutral.

  4. Wow…MashaAllah….so much happy to know muslims have still women like heba ahmed..her way of supporting niqaab was awesome.May Allah bless her and all muslim ummah.aameen 🙂

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