A Small Break From The Voice

MV: Aselamualikum!

Its been so long since I last posted on The Muslim Voice and I sincerely apologize. Ever since I stopped doing the Voice of The Week I completely left the site blank (besides a few posts) and the reason is because of the lack of time and my stressful education thats taking place recently. I would really want to start posting again but because of the lack of time I am having I unfortunately can not and I will be taking a short break. The other reason is because I will be moving permanently from my childhood home, New York to the big state of Texas. Its been really hard for me to prepare and so it might explain my lack of time. But fear not! I will be inshAllah posting as soon as my school is over! July will consist of huge improvements to the site and their might be some big surprises inshAllah. I apologize once again for providing no voice for Muslims recently but inshAllah I will definitely make it up!

2 thoughts on “A Small Break From The Voice

  1. That’s strange, July is also the month (Or late June) where Islamic Experiences will see some awesome changes as well…..are you spying on me? ha! InshaAllah you will have more time to post and May Allah grant you success in everything that you do. Ameen.

  2. Haha I guess I got found out lol :). Thanks for the kind words, inshAllah May Allah(swt) grant your site success as well inshAllah, Ameen. Good luck with your site!

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