*Updated* Our Voice Got Louder: The All New Look

MV: Aselamulaikum!

Yeaaaaa, so its been a while! But Alhumdolilah we’re back, with a bang! With an all new look, you can hear our voice even louder! So wait, lets go back a notch, why a new look?


1. The site’s look was getting outdated and the sidebars were getting congested.

2.  With an average of 200-300 visitors, a professional look was oh so needed!

3. I felt bad for not posting for a while and so I didn’t want to just start posting again without any big changes.

I know I know, there’s no reason for an explanation because the site’s new look is awesome either ways! Alhumdolilah, we love it! If you haven’t noticed already, the biggest advancement on the site is the all new featured images widget! This widget allows users to see the top new posts with style! Along with the widget and other rearrangements, insh’Allah the quality of posts and updates will increase, just keep on supporting us!

Other Notable Updates:

1. Change of sidebar (Take a look)

2. Many of the old sidebar components where moved to the footer on the bottom!

3. The MV Spotlight (right bellow the featured panel) contains posts that we think you can benefit from insh’Allah!

4. “Continue Reading” no more full view posts on the home page for all posts.

5. additional featured images will be added once the site contains more posts inshAllah!

6. The pages have been moved to the top instead of “The Muslim Voice Podcast”. Also some of the pages have been added as a drop down when you hover over the tabs.

7. The Partner Sites tab has been moved to the top, when you hover it you can view the other sites!

Ramadan Mubarak, and I hope you guys enjoy the all new look inshAllah!

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