Did the Shaitaan of Facebook Get Locked Up?

MV: Mark Zuckerberg created FaceBook, a social network used to connect you and…shaitan? Let me get straight to the point, I’m not declaring Facebook as Haram or Halal, but at the same time, Facebook can be used in both a good way and bad way. In Ramadan however, Facebook is shut down by many of the Muslim users…but can it still be used in a good way while in this month? 

The Answer is simple, as Yusuf Estes said: Its like using a knife, you can use it for good things but at the same time we can use it to kill, its the same for facebook you have option to use it for good or bad purposes.

In Ramadan especially, Facebook CAN be a time killer but at the same time you can use it to learn more about Islam. The list bellow includes how Facebook can be a con/pro this Ramadan. (Yea I made it Ryme)

When you know Shaitaans on Facebook:

~You decide to use Facebook when you were about to read the Quran.

~You don’t “lower your gaze”-you know what I mean

~Miss/delay prayer because of Facebook

~Spend hours and hours each day on it

~Express how much fasting sucks on your status(your doing it for Allah, don’t complain dude)

There’s obviously a lot more but that’s all I could think of. Those were all of the cons so now lets get to the pros:

How to use Facebook as a means to get closer to Allah (swt)

~Look up and post hadith/Quran ayyuts so others can benefit as well as your self.

~Put up videos on great Islamic speeches/lectures

~”Like” or “Add” pro known speakers/scholars of Islam-and yes many of them do use facebook in Ramadan, they post up hadith or ayyuts and its very beneficial if you learn from them.

Here’s a couple who I really benefited from: Abdul Nasir JangdaSuhaib WebbImam Yaseen, Imam Zia SheikhAbdelRahman Murphy, -Just to name a few.

Those are just to name a few. Insh’Allah I hope we can all use facebook as a means to get closer to Allah (swt) and oh yea make sure you unfriend Shaitaan this Ramadan.

Also bellow is a quote from brother Tariq Musleh of YM Chicago, interesting point of view:

‎”This Ramadan, Make sure you utilize Faithbook (The Qur’an), Where we can CONNECT with Allah, TAG our hearts to the Sunnah, LIKE doing goods deeds, ADD prayers and fasting, IGNORE our desires, UNTAG sins, SHARE wealth through charity (for indeed charity does not decrease wealth!), POKE our conscience, and CONFIRM our love for Allah and His Messenger (S)”

~As always I speak to my self first and furthermost

Last but not least, here’s an awesome video by Br. Wisam Sharief about being a “Two-Face” on “Facebook”

Also remember to “Like our facebook page inshAllah, thanks Jazakullah khair!

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One thought on “Did the Shaitaan of Facebook Get Locked Up?

  1. its true i observed most of the muslims use facebook in ramadan just to kill time and daily they write at their status that they have fast,its funny if u hv fast and ur teeling at facebook or going to taraveeh.we do it for the sake of allah not to show off to others!

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