Ramadan Survival Guide: Ramadan 101

MV: Half of Ramadan has swiftly went, it literally felt like a “breeze”…but even then Ramadan may not be a breeze for you at all. I made up a list of tips and also a few fun facts along with this guide, Ramadan Survival Guide. 

Fasting in harsh work conditions:
The original meaning of the word was “scorching heat” which came from

Allah (swt) knows that you will face harsh conditions from
time to time.

What to do if your facing hard conditions

MV: Yeah we all know the story, “I can’t work and fast, I have to sit down all day or else I’ll die”…fasting is no excuse to stop working! There’s many people around this world in extremely hot conditions doing hard labor and they still fast mash’Allah, its no excuse: suck it up and don’t cry about it, don’t throw a fit.

~Stay calm
~Remember that your doing it for Allah (swt)
~Recite/Read the Quran
~Be Patient
~Think about the poor who don’t even get to eat an iftaar. (Not just people that fast but poor people in general who have nothing to eat the whole day, no iftaar for them)

What Not To Do During Fasting

MV: No..its not just eating and drinking, fasting is all about controlling your evil desires and temptations!
During Ramadan fasts, the Muslims should refrain from doing the
following things:

•       Having food and drink (No duhh?)
•       Getting angry
•       Being rude and impolite
•       Using obscene language (No curses please)
•       Gossips and backbiting
•       Telling lies or cheating
•       Arguing and fighting
•       Indulging in adultery

Essential elements of fasting: The intention
Source: Fiqh Us Sunnah (volume 3, # 113c)
Allah instructs in the Qur’an: “And they are ordained nothing else
than to serve Allah, keeping religion pure for Him.” The Prophet, upon
whom be peace, said: “Actions are judged according to the intention
behind them, and for everyone is what he intended.”

MV: Its simple, if your making the intention to fast lets say to impress one of your aunties daughter, then consider it not a fast…

The intention must be made before fajr and during every night of
Ramadan. This point is based on the hadith of Hafsah which reported
that the Prophet said: “Whoever does not determine to fast before fajr
will have no fast” (that is, it won’t be accepted). This is related by
Ahmad, an-Nasa’i, at-Tirmidhi, Abu Dawud, and Ibn Majah. Ibn Khuzaimah
and Ibn Hibban have classified it as sahih.

MV: The intention is valid during any part of the night. It doesn’t HAVE to be spoken but it can be done from your heart, just remember do it for Allah (swt).

If one eats one’s pre-dawn meal (sahoor) with the intention of fasting
and to get closer to Allah by such abstinence, then one has performed
the intention. If one determines that one will fast on the next day
solely for the sake of Allah, then one has performed the intention
even if a pre-dawn meal was not consumed.

the intention for a voluntary fast may be made at any time before any
food is consumed. This opinion is based on ‘Aishah’s hadith: “The
Prophet came to us one day and said: ‘Do you have any [food]?’ We
said, ‘No.’ He said: ‘Therefore, I am fasting.” This is related by
Muslim and Abu Dawud.

Some Fun Facts

Duas for Ramadan

First 10 days of Ramadhan of mercy: Rabbighfir warham wa anta khairurrahimeen.
Middle 10 days: Astaghfirullaha rabbi min kulli dhanb wa atoobu ilaihi
Last ten days: Allahumma innaka a’foowwun tuhibbul a’fwa fa’fu annee.

Rasoolullah recommended to recite this du’a day and night in Ramadhan in a Hadith of Mishkat: “Ashhadu allaa ilaha illallahu, astaghfirullah, as’aluka al-jannata wa a’oodhubika min al-naar.” Translation: I bare witness there is no God but Allah, I seek his forgiveness, I ask you for paradise, and I seek your protection from the fire.


Ramadhan and fasting, putting the ‘slim’ back into ‘Muslim’. Shaykh Hussain Kamani.
Spiritual Detox for Ramadhan:
1.Keep free from eating hi-calorie flesh (gossip) of others no matter how juicy
2.Switch to fat free truths
3.Avoid artificial tempers
4.Do voice therapy by reciting the Qur’aan
5.Purify ur eyes by crying in Dua
6.Do hand reflexology on tasbeehs
7.Brighten ur smile by using a miswaak
8.Take the weight off ur shoulders by paying ur Zakat
9.Shrug of those extra kilos of sins by repenting

~Shaikh Saleem Nawab

‎”This Ramadan, Make sure you utilize Faithbook (The Qur’an), Where we can CONNECT with Allah, TAG our hearts to the Sunnah, LIKE doing goods deeds, ADD prayers and fasting, IGNORE our desires, UNTAG sins, SHARE wealth through charity (for indeed charity does not decrease wealth!), POKE our conscience, and CONFIRM our love for Allah and His Messenger (S)”
–Tariq Musleh, YM Chicago-Westside NN

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